Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump Upsets China & Deep State

As you know, US President-elect Donald Trump has been publicly questioning the One China policy, saying that the idea isn't sacred, and particularly making gestures of closeness to Taiwan. China in return is warning Trump of serious consequences:

Rather than take too much glee from this, India had better take steps to boost its defenses, in case Beijing decides to lash out randomly and make an example out of one of its neighbors in order to demonstrate strength to people at home or those abroad. If China decides to move quickly against us, we might not be in a position to handle them quickly enough. Better safe, than sorry.

Trump is used to brinksmanship, and may well decide to keep pushing the dragon, in order to gain leverage on trade. India should be alert to China's likely responses.

Meanwhile, Trump is on the receiving end of numerous challenges and warnings from the US intelligence and security establishment:

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