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Fwd: Inside or out of jail, Masarat Alam has always been a free man+ India’s Foremost 2017 Foreign Policy Challenge: China-Pakistan-Russia Troika

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2. Kashmir consigned to Global Jihaad 1.1.17 by RSN Singh
hose in the Valley seduced by Pakistan must know that in a recent survey in the US, 22 percent Pakistanis and 40 percent Bangladeshis mentioned their country as 'India'. They have found no fruits from two decades of global jihad, rather they are abashed about it. The pro-Pak Kashmiris will ultimately realize their religious folly, but not before wasting a generation or two.'

3. Proposed U.S. tax cut would affect China economy 29.12.16
If the US cuts corporate income tax, China should respond by creating a tax-friendly environment to lure foreign investment and turn the country into a haven for global funds.
Given that declining human resources as well as rising labor costs in China have compromised competitiveness of exports, the government and companies should make a greater effort to attract foreign talent. Chinese firms should set up research and development centers abroad and hire local science and technical workers to develop high-tech products and compete in the technology frontier. China could also set up manufacturing centers in populous regions such as Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan and Nigeria to take advantage of the local low-cost labors and reduce manufacturing costs.
Lastly, the Belt and Road initiative could help increase yuan circulation and expand cross-border yuan trade settlement.'
In less than five weeks, on April 10, Masarat Alam created a spectacle that was never seen in Kashmir valley. He mobilised thousands of Kashmiris at the Srinagar airport, to receive Geelani who was returning from his winter sojourn in Delhi. From the airport, a procession started that swelled as it reached the middle of the city, right in front of the police headquarters. There, it culminated into a rally waving Pakistani flags and chanting anti-India slogans. This sight was unprecedented.'
5. Afghan Calls to Lift UN Sanctions: A Welcome to Pakistan and Warning to the World 30.12.16 by alexander murray
6. India's Foremost 2017 Foreign Policy Challenge: China-Pakistan-Russia Troika 29.12.16 by dr subhash kapila
  • India must delink itself from organisations dominated by China and Russia, like Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and BRICS. India must cease to be part of what are ostensibly countervailing groupings against the United States and could possibly end-up as confrontationist groupings against the United States. This has been constantly been espoused in my past writings. It is not in the interest of India.
  • India's best interests lie in reinforcing the US-India Strategic Partnership to greater heights. United States could possibly add impetus in this direction under the forthcoming Tump Presidency.
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