Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quick notes: Oracle's sin, Apple's demands...

  • Land of the pure: 12 per cent quota for Muslims in next budget session: KCR.

  • U.S. sues Oracle: Their sin? "Oracle was far more likely to hire Asian applicants - particularly Indian people - for product development and technical roles than black, white or Hispanic job seekers".

  • Apple's demands: Indian govt wants Apple, but not all officials are biting. "Apple is coming here because it sees a lucrative market, this is not a favor being done to India."

  • Can Indian-IT benefit from this? Blockchain could save investment banks up to $12 billion a year. 

  • Low-Cost Medical Diagnostics: Manu Prakash, who won a 2016 MacArthur "genius" award, is a leader in the so-called frugal science movement, which aims to devise low-cost solutions for complex technologies. Prakash is best known for developing the Foldscope, an origami-like paper microscope that costs about $1.50.

  • IIT Bombay study: Air pollution killed 81,000 in Delhi & Mumbai, cost Rs 70,000 crore in 2015.  Air pollution was also responsible for 23 million cases of restricted activity days — either less productive days or days off work for individuals — in the commercial capital in 2015.

  • Response to a climate-change-denier:

  • How NYTimes covers Human Pyramids

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