Thursday, April 09, 2015

Quick notes: Rafale twist, Uber rickshaws...

  • Rafale twist? Under the new proposal, the entire process for procuring 126 combat jets would be scrapped. A new government-to-government contract is likely to be negotiated to buy around 60 Rafale jets in flyaway condition from France.

  • Meet DJ Patil: Obama’s Big Data dude

  • Uber rickshaws? UberAuto for hailing auto rickshaws in New Delhi.

  • This land is your land: Farmers are inextricably tied to their land. Deprived of it, they have little else to fall back on for their livelihood

  • Delhi pollution: "Diesel fumes cause damage to the lungs, brain and can cause even cancer. The situation is so alarming that medically people have been even advised to leave Delhi".

  • Prof. Dinesh Mohan:  Policies that are less car-centric are needed in order to improve India's urban environment

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