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Fwd: A Splendid Gesture by PM Modi - his visit to the Indian War memorial in Neuve Chapelle, France

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Every passing day, I am finding it more and more difficult to unconditionally applaud what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi does. Admittedly, he is in a vastly better and higher league than that unmentionable MMS fellow, but his rate of descent is increasing. 

However, NaMo's decision to honour the brave and indomitable Indian soldiers who died in Europe during WW 1 is an eminently praiseworthy gesture. Well done, NaMo. These poor soldiers were not fighting for the British Raj or to protect British colonialism in India. They fought and gave their livesfor their "paltans" and for their own honour. They were cannon fodder, undoubtedly,  for the white man, but they also earned the undying respect of the Western world, including, grudgingly,  the British rulers of India.  


                                       (I prefer this to the second clip below, from NDTV, in which the dolt Vishnu Shome and an unbelievably 
                                        moronic correspondent of NDTV in Paris keep prattling nonsense. Also, you can hear their camera                                               persons speaking). 

                               (Avoidable, except for some of the footage).

 And this is the tribute to the fallen Indian soldiers from one of the greatest warriors in recent times - Marechal Foch (Marshal of France) and also Honorary Marshal of Poland and Honorary Field-Marshal of Britain)  : 

Discourse by Marechal Foch on the occasion of the inaugural of the Memorial in Neuve Chapelle, France, for the fallen Indian Soldiers in WW1

 "Return to your homes in the distant, sun-bathed East and proclaim how your countrymen drenched with their blood the cold northern lands of France and Flanders, how they delivered it by their ardent spirit from the firm grip of a determined enemy; tell all of India that we shall watch their graves with the devotion due to all our dead. We will cherish above all the memory of their example. They showed us the way - they took the first steps towards final victory."


Le maréchal Foch déclare en 1927, à l'occasion de l'inauguration du mémorial érigé à la mémoire de tous les soldats indiens tombés sur le front occidental lors de la première guerre mondiale :

« Rentrez chez vous, dans vos lointains baignés de lumière orientale, et clamez bien haut combien vos patriotes ont maculé de leur sang les froides landes nordiques de France et de Flandres, comment ils les ont délivrées, grâce à la vivacité de leur esprit, des griffes de l'ennemi déterminé. Dites à toute l'Inde que nous devons regarder leurs tombes avec la dévotion digne de tous nos morts. Nous chérirons par-dessus toute la mémoire de leurs exemples. Ils nous ont ouvert la voie, c'est eux qui ont fait les premiers pas vers la victoire finale »

P.S.       A French air warrior friend of mine, General Henri Switzer (once posted in Delhi as the French military attache) wrote to me that the French respect the fallen Indian soldiers so much because the poor Indian soldiers came to France as defenders and friends of France, and not as conquerors and invaders like the Germans and the English.

NB :       The rendering of Jana Gana Mana by the French military band is impeccable

              The desi thanedar-type babu who holds an umbrella for the PM and makes an ass of himself must be shot. Typical 
              feudal mentality of the Delhi functionaries. 

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