Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quick notes: Beef and slavery, Helicopter parents...

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Sujeev said...

Vamsee Juluri presents another SMOOOOOTH article, but he left out some important parts.

Like how Telugu speaking Hindu farmers from Andhra Pradesh contributed to the growth of the world wide Beef Trade by selling their prized Ongole Bulls for a pittance (2 to 3 lakh rupees) to Brazilian ranchers, who in turn bred Bulls from those Ongoles that now sell for several crore rupees each! :-(

But looks like those poor Telugu Hindu farmers were led down this path of contributing to the growth of the world wide Beef Industry BY THE CHURCH IN INDIA.

Here is an old piece on Sulekha by Danji Thotapalli from 2003 about an Ongole Bull, that could be fiction, based on fact.

There was a Father Clough who lived in the Ongole area till about 1910

And the Wageningen Agricultural University does exist in Holland. Not sure if it has said plaque with the name and image of Potu Ramudu.

Hope Indian authorities will atleast now stop any more export of Biological material related to the Ongole Bull, as it will only contribute to further growth of the world wide Beef Industry.