Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rape incidents played up for evangelical agenda?

Interesting viewpoint articulated by Sankrant Sanu. Common sense suggests this is true. Deliberately hyping up unfortunate incidents in India in the international media - to demonize its native Hindu culture, targeted for destruction by the Christian church.

Dishonest celebrities contribute to church propaganda. I recall socialite Padma Laxmi's command performance on CNN a couple of years ago, in the aftermath of the horrific Delhi gangrape. She was playing to the western gallery, with her sob story - going so far as to attribute the  criminal acts of some perverts - to the Hindu religion itself!!!!

Isn't it ironic that whenever a terrorist outrage is perpetrated, the pseudo-liberals start the usual bleating that "Terrorists have no religion" etc. But, whenever a rape incident is reported in India - the rapists are automatically identified as Hindu - and their religion blamed for their actions?

There is also increasing evidence of Christist missionary vultures preying on vulnerable Hindu women who are in difficult situations - poverty etc. There are several reasons for this:

1) Hindu women generally contribute more than men in keeping religious and cultural traditions alive at home - worshipping at the home altar when regular Temple going may not be practical.

2) Hindu women are deeply religious, respectful; hence soft targets for evangelical outreach

3) Evangelical entrapment of women - has a force multiplier effect for Christism in India. Traditional Hindu families are destroyed when a woman is converted. Future generations of children are torn away from their Hindu roots.

What can we do? Be nice, considerate and respectful to the women around you, for a start.


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