Thursday, December 11, 2014

Top ISIS Propagandist is Bangalore-based Bengali

The most outspoken ISIS spokesman and cheerleader has been exposed as a Bengali Muslim who claims to be working as an executive at an MNC in Bangalore:

His full name, FYI, is actually Mehdi Masroor Biswas, and not so coincidentally he has suddenly shut down his Twitter account, his Facebook page, and his LinkedIn account.

Now that the keyboard jihadi is on the run, the rest of ISIS is mourning the loss of their Cyber-Shaheed and pleading for other supporters in Dar-ul-cyberspace not to abandon the cause.


Now arrested and proclaiming his innocence like a schoolboy:


karyakarta92 said...

WTF! Do you understand the resentment of Kannadiga locals in Bengaluru now? Bloody outsiders! What business does this IS propagandist Bengali Moslem have in Karnataka? As if there weren't enough local Moslem butchers in ShivajiNagar etc, Bengaluru is being overwhelmed by 1) Moplah butchers 2) Tamil, Kerala, Andhra, NE, Nepali, Tibetan Christists 3) Bangladeshi Moslems - in addition to Hindi belt folks, many of whom are quite insensitive & arrogant to locals.

Pagan said...

Last time I landed in Bengaluru airport, the cabbie told me -- "this place is turning into a Pakistan". As we drove out of the airport, I could see one guy, apparently a Muslim, threatening my cabbie for agreeing to my rate.

The state BJP is too elitist with questionable commitment to Hindutva. "One of the grossest misconceptions about the Hindu movement, is that it is a creation of political parties like the BJP and the Shiv Sena". What we need are Hindu Unions for cabbies, bus operators and such.

Sujeev said...

The scary part of the ISIS videos is not that they were posted by an Indian.

The scary part is that they have been seen many times over by millions of Indian muslim men, who have by been thoroughly desensitized to decapitating their Hindu neighbors, and doing worse things to Hindu women.

When the blood-letting starts, and it is a "when", not "if", it could all be over for us, before you can say "Tutsi"!

Wonder what the signal for the blood-letting to start is going to be?

Not that we can do anything about it.

karyakarta92 said...

Devanahalli is the birthplace of Tipu Sultan and has long had a substantial Moslem presence. Local Hindu organizations such as SriRam Sene, Hindu Samhati, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti etc do more on the ground to protect Hindu interests than the BJP, a political party that has degenerated into a mere electoral entity, not rooted in the concerns of its core constituency.

Ghatotkacha said...

Burkha-loving Begum Mamtaz Banu Arjee must be arranging bail for the ISIS Tweeter Mehdi Masroor Biswas