Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quick notes: Wahhabi visas, Covert operations..

  • India's Intelligence Bureau: 25,000 Wahhabi scholars visited eight Indian states to preach hardline Islamic doctrine.

  • Setback to our covert strike capabilities: National Security Adviser M.K Narayanan, met heads of all spy and security agencies individually to find out if they had the capability to attack home bases of terror groups in Pakistan and PoK. None had. Narayanan asked them to raise a team, if they could...

    Fast forward:
    “In the earlier instances, the covert strike capabilities suffered due to politicians. But, in this case, they have suffered due to military people who are supposed to order these people. Not only that, they have even resorted to leaking information about the operations carried out by such units, compromising the country's standing at the international level.”

  • Delhi air impurities far worse than level that won it the 'world's most polluted city' title

  • Femininity at its best: The sheer power of the bindi

  • Learn from those evangelists:

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