Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Website on Kanchi Acharya

November 24

The website www.kanchi-sathya.org is endorsed by the Kanchi Ashram and addresses the many devotees of the Acharya and the Matham. It tries to bring out the various issues and questions that the 'media' and the 'intelligentsia' -- and I use these words loosely -- do not wish to ask.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the site for being frank.

One last word. The devotees of the Kanchi Mutt put up this site; therefore, it is not an unbiased site. It only presents all the facts and information in favour of our Periyavaal and the Mutt, in a fair manner.That's fine, but why kanchi-sathya? ;-) "Sathya - truth" and "in favor of Periyavaal(!)" are not necessarily the same.