Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Message from Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha on the harsh treatment of the Kanchi Acharya

November 17

This was forwarded to me. I intend to post on this blog other information and comments I receive regarding the Kanchi atrocity.

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You are welcome to send me at new information about the Kanchi atrocity. Those that I find credible I will post here.



From: R Venkatanarayanan []
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 9:12 AM
Subject: Reprehensible treatment of Kanchi Sankaracharya

Here is the Statement issued on behalf of the Hindu Dharma Acharya
Sabha. Knowing our media one has to wonder how many will publish it. I
am therefore circulating this with the following requests:

1. Let this be put on the Net. I have no proficiency or facility to do

2. Religious leaders and opinion builders may be requested to speak up
in public immediately.

The point to emphasise is the shabby and vindictive manner in which law
enforcement agency has behaved. The Case could have been registered and
investigated otherwise also without humiliating and inconveniencing the
Acharya in this manner. One can not escape the conclusion that vested
/inimical intertests have been and are active behind the scenes to hurt
the back bone as it were of Hindu morale and sentiments. This action may
have been intended as a warning to anyone who talks against conversion
etc. or in favour of the Hindu Society.

"The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, the Apex Body of Hindu Acharyas and
Peetathipathis from all over India and which represents the unified
voice of the Hindu Society, notes with consternation and deep regret
the direction of events that have culminated in the arrest and
detention of the highly respected Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kama Koti
Pitham, Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal.The entire Hindu Society feels
overwhelmed with sadness and shock at the mode of action that has been
visited upon the great Peetathipathi. Surely requirements of law and
justice, if any, could have been met by a more considerate and benign
approach by the law enforcement agencies, keeping in view the very
great reverence that the Kanchi Peetathipathi commands among the vast
mass of Hindus of the country. It is curious that their sacred
sentiments have been treated with such little consideration. The
Acharya Sabha calls for impartial and quick investigation that is fully
credible in the eye of the public and hopes that forces which are well
known to be inimical to the concerns and legitimate interests of Hindus
in general and their religious leadership in particular, will not be
allowed to subvert impartial enquiry and application of law".

Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha
(The Voice of Collective Hindu Consciousness)
Dated: November 12, 2004

Secretary: R. Venkatanarayanan
Correspondence Address:
No. 22, Sector 14A
Noida (UP) 201301
Tel: 91-120-2512525
E-mail: /


Anonymous said...

"the Kanchi atrocity"

What is the "atrocity", Mr Srinivasan? Someone gets stabbed to death -- a little fact I have yet to see you mention in this blog of yours -- but it is the arrest of the man accused of being involved in it that is the atrocity? This is the Hinduism, the Hindu dharma, you seek to propagate or protect or whatever it is you think you're doing?

Thank God some of us have a less upside-down sense of right and wrong.

I hope you've noticed the delightful epithets flung my way on your blogg. Because I say Hindus are quite capable of being confident, strong and proud of their heritage without being moaners like you, I must be killed by those Muslim terrorists, and I lick the boots of Muslims and Christians. In other words, you can't be a true Hindu if you don't feel uniquely victimised by everyone and everything -- down to a two-bit Diwali function in DC.

Bravo, Rajeev!

Sudhakar Nair

Anonymous said...

Why are you whining so much, Sudhakar Nair or whatever your real name is? Poor baby, did you get offended because someone was nasty to you on this blog?

Marxists like you need to be shot first. If the Muslims or Christians come to power, they will line you up and shoot you, and that would be poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

> Marxists like you need to be shot first.

Check it out Rajeev. What delightful supporters you have. If people disagree with you, their names are therefore suspect. They are therefore Marxists. They must therefore be shot. You teach them this seductive logic, Rajeev? Or do they learn it themselves?

But it's hardly surprising, is it? Guys who prefer to exist in anonymity will hardly comprehend that it is, indeed, possible to be repulsed by both Marxism and the moaning that you prescribe for Hindus. I love these guys and their anonymous abuse.

Really, I order you to have a good day now.

Sudhakar Nair

Anonymous said...

This is for Mr. Nair, esp.

I am kinda amazed that the unfolding of the events and timing do not smell rats to you. Of course nobody is above the law, and if the swami was indeed involved, then the justice should be served.

But the justice should be served evenhandedly. Let Bukhari be served with his decade-old warrant on the iid night, which coincided with diwali days this time. That would have been tactful. What about the open secrets of Lalu, Tytler, Sajjan Kumar et al ? In case after case, it seems that there is no evenhanded approach (gujarat riots reporting in English media is a case in point)

I am a north indian. I vaguely remember reading about some power struggle for the Dwarika Mutt (was it Swaroopanand Saraswati or something?) I do not have an opinion on this swami or his activities. But I think that in the nation of thousand sects like ours, why not be a little tactful? Tomorrow, if the swami was indeed found innocent, then how would you justify such a shameful treatment to him? Afterall, for his followers, he is no less than a pope!

I suggest you read .

IMHO, labeling people, yelling and throwing tantrums do not prove a point.

--Another Anon Coward

Anonymous said...

Exactly what is so wonderful about the so-called Sudhakar Nair announcing his so-called email id? It takes about ten seconds to create a new id. Here's mine, I just created it.

Marxists like "Sudhakar Nair" are so self-righteous that it is no wonder that Muslims and Christians shoot them like down like dogs. This happened in Afghanistan (Najibullah) and it happened in the ex-Soviet colonies like Latvia and Lithuania.

It is ironic that "Sudhakar Nair" feels quite justified in attacking Hindus, but when someone like me repays him in the same coin, he runs whining to mama. What a sniveling loser! There must be many like you in Kerala, and that is why Kerala is such a pathetic place.

Abdul bin Sultan

Anonymous said...

So now we're finally getting somewhere, aren't we?

First, Anon coward (you're no coward, but let's leave that be): Tactful, I can agree with. Yes, there should have been more tact than arresting the man on Diwali night. The lack of justice, I can agree with: Bukhari should have been jailed a long time ago, and please don't even mention Sajjan Kumar and gang, the murdering thugs.

This iw what I cannot agree with: that this arrest somehow is an attack on Hindus and Hinduism. Also, that if I say as much, I'm also somehow "attacking Hindus" (see Abdul-bhai's note), and I'm a Marxist, I'm hiding behind a fake email id, licking Christian and Muslim boots, not even Hindu, and need to be shot. Are you a Hindu only if you feel oppressed? Are Hindus not allowed to feel confident and clear-eyed? This is what I see Rajeev doing: telling hindus they must be complainers and moaners or they are not Hindus. Thanks, but that's not my Hinduism and I'm grateful all the time that it is not the Hinduism of plenty of other Hindus too. We can see right and wrong and injustices, but we don't need to feel like victims to follow our religion.

This is also what I cannot agree with: calling the arrest an atrocity. The atrocity was the murder. In this entire discussion and Rajeeve's posts, I am yet to see it acknowledged, let alone treated with any seriousness.

One final point: you say I'm "labeling people, yelling and throwing tantrums": exactly where, may I ask? I've been called a Marxist, a boot-licker, an attacker of Hindus, a whiner, and pronounced fit to be shot: yet to you, I'm labelling and yelling? Remarkable. But thanks for being civil otherwise. (Really).

Second, Abdul. Who ever claimed that it was wonderful that I announce my email id? I just routinely append it to my messages. I realize I have no way to prove to anyone that it is real, that I am real. (Though I will reply to anyone who writes civilly to that account). But creating an email id (I bet you took longer than ten seconds, tell the truth my man) is hardly an answer to the point I am raising: Hindus don't have to complainers to be Hindus.

IF it makes you feel triumphant to believe you've got me running whining to mama (you think Rajeev is my mama?), please go right ahead aBdul! Why should I attempt to prick that swollen head? But do me a favour and show me where I've attacked Hindus. OK? I look forward to it.

Sudhakar Nair

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anon C, I forgot one more thing I cannot agree with: that Bush not showing up at a Diwali function in DC is yet one more attack on Hinduism.

And Abdul-bhai, why was I hardly surprised to get this bounce message (see below)? Here's a tip -- if you publicly say you set up an account, maybe you really should set it up. What do you say? Then you won't fall on your face. Yes, it takes a little longer than ten seconds, but at least you won't need to wipe the egg-bhurji off your face.

Sudhakar Nair
Subject: Returned mail: see transcript for details
From: Mail Delivery Subsystem
Date: Thursday, 18 Nov 2004 9:53:07 PM -0800

The original message was received at Thu, 18 Nov 2004 21:53:05 -0800
from []

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Anonymous said...

To Mr. Nair, Esp.

I agree partially that the title of RS's article smells like the notorious 'islam khatre me hai' rant of mullahs. It is not this particular incidence, but the history of taking the majority for the ride, that may be evoking such a radical rant.

Is the title objective and rational? I am afraid not. But then it can not be, if it wants to convey the message that it tries to convey.

I personally felt cheated when the BJP went back on the just promises of uniform civil code, and renunciation of article 370. It would have been a great start to assimilate the divided nation, even if by legal means. The return of congress may result in further minority-pampering (not in a positive way--in education or assimilation, but pampering the fundamentalist attitudes only).

Regarding my comments about bitching, it was not directed to you, but to those others who had no point to make, but just to curse. They are not adding to the real debate, and as a hindu, I am not comfortable to see the growth of such radicalism. But then it is my personal problem.

Anon Coward

Anonymous said...

1. "Sudhakar Nair", you have proved yourself to be a Marxist by kissing my Muslim ass. "Abdul-bhai"? Why dont you also fall at my feet?

2. I correctly predicted that you would send mail to me just because I had a Muslim name. Why would a self-respecting Muslim want to receive mail from a pathetic ass-kisser like you?

3. Today I am Abdul bin Sultan, tomorrow I may be Charu bin Majumdar as, then I will be Shabana bint Azmi as and later Arundhati bint Roy as This is just like you are "Sudhakar Nair" today, and "Maoist loser" tomorrow.

Charu bin Majumdar (formerly Naxalite now retired)

hartbreakid said...

please sign petition @ it's a website of Sri .J.S family

Anonymous said...

"What is the "atrocity", Mr Srinivasan? Someone gets stabbed to death -- a little fact I have yet to see you mention in this blog of yours -- but it is the arrest of the man accused of being involved in it that is the atrocity?"

Someone was stabbed to death and someone was accused of it. Now there is a fact in this and an accusation. Fact is that "someone was killed", which u pointed out. Now the accusation is that the seer is the criminal. Maybe u dont know about it, but Mr sudhakar, a person is innocent until proven guilty.Just because #1 is a fact does not make #2 a fact as well. So it DEFINITELY is an atrocity that a man who "IS TO BE PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY" is portrayed and treated as a criminal by the media and the police. I did not see u complaining about #2. Why is that? Is that your double standard ?. Both are atrocities as they stand now.

I hope u are watching the police running around trying to find cases from time immemorial on the seer. If the case for which he was arrested was so solid with his confessions and money traces and phone calls, why is it that they need another case on him. Honestly sounds to me like there is no case, the attempt is to keep the guy in prison for a longtime. so when every bail attempt comes up, they cook up something new. Also please note the recant of 2 of the accused. Did not see u worried about that nor did see any of the "Human rights" agencies worried about it. The double standards is unbelievable.

"Thank God some of us have a less upside-down sense of right and wrong."

Does not seem so. As u might have heard every person has their own version of the story. U think u are right and rajeev thinks he is and i think iam. so only time will tell "WHO IS" in this case. So all this upside-down blah's show an attempt to kind to prove to urself that u are right in what u think.Sounds childish and impulsive than thoughtful.