Thursday, November 04, 2004

Re: UK Guardian on the nation state

dear martin,

my sincere condolences about harinder and my apologies for having assumed you were not victimized by chinese racism (as a white person, you normally wouldn't be). no, i did not know about harinder's tragic death due to racism. i will read up on the various items brought up by google. i will also read your article on the global hierarchy of race, and i do believe this is an important topic. i would like to have a dialog with you on this topic: there is currently a debate in indian circles about 'white studies' and the all-too-pervasive eagerness of indians, like other immigrants, to be 'almost white' in the us (and presumably in the uk).

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dear rajeev,

thank you for your email. i can assure you that i am not starry-eyed about china, least of all about chinese racism. indeed, i think this will pose a profound problem for the world and already does - and has done - for east asia. my wife - who was indian-malaysian - died in a hong kong hospital in 2000 at the age of 33, the victim of chinese racism. if you don't know about this case, then you should do because it because it received international coverage, including in south asia. it led to a campaign in hong kong for anti-racist legislation which eventually forced the hk govt to concede and announce that for the first time it would introduce such legislation. my wife's name is harinder veriah. if you go onto google and put her name into advanced search you will find lots and lots of material. you well also be interested in an article i wrote in the guardian in sept last year entitled the global hierarchy of race. you can find it on the guardian website by putting my name into archive search. this covers many of these issues.

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