Thursday, November 04, 2004

Kissinger on tectonic shifts in power

November 4

Good old war criminal Henry Kissinger is back at it again.§ion=opinion&col=

Interesting that he is willing (now) to treat India as more or less on par with China, Russia and Japan. And note that he did not bring in the usual India-Pakistan-equal-equal nonsense. If this indicates a new realism in US State Dept thinking, I'd be quite amazed. After all, K has been the grey eminence advising State all these years, come Republican or Democratic administrations.

I also liked his characterization of Kerry as an 'Atlanticist'. I have been saying for some time that NATO-centrism is a major error people have been making. The Economist is the official mouthpiece of this view. Good to have a name for it: Atlanticism.

In the century of the Pacific, Atlanticists are going to be the creatures that time forgot.


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