Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fwd: Potential of Ayurveda - An eye opener+Sikkim: Harmonious Himalayan Highland+How Punjab’s Misplaced Agricultural Priorities Contribute To Delhi Pollution

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1. Potential of Ayurveda - An eye opener by Prof Mahesh Vyas. If Ayurved and Western systems of medicine combine it could be beneficial for all. Thus there is huge potential for Ayurveda. Article is courtesy Gujarat Ayurved University.


2. How Punjab's Misplaced Agricultural Priorities Contribute To Delhi Pollution by Sanjeev Nayyar . Everyone is talking about pollution in Delhi caused by paddy stubble. None are asking why does water deficient Punjab grow water guzzler rice.


3. Sikkim: Harmonious Himalayan Highland by Rajiv Malik. Author shares interesting insights on Sikkim. Covers culture, origin of tribes, places to see, threats and lots more.


4. The Method and Significance of Tantra by Swami Kritarthananda
6. Tribes of Nagaland photos with their homes and clothes.


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