Thursday, November 16, 2017

from gokul kunnath: We are all Hindu Nationalists

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As you know, by now every one has heard about the New York Times article on the connection between Sari and Hindu Nationalism. Below is an opinion piece that I wrote on the subject. I am not a writer by any measure. But I thought this article of NYT deserved some response from every one, including me. The more the merrier, I felt. So I did what I could. If you think it is ok, please distribute to your friends and email lists. I am very grateful to News India Times for publishing it on a busy day for them when many of their publications go to print. Thanks.

Yours in the service of Dharma,

Gokul Kunnath
President, US Hindu Alliance
Co Founder, Hindu Students Council

"Those who protect Dharma shall be protected by Dharma." 

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CVSMurty said...

It might be of interest to know that Maria Wirth, an Indologist stated in her blog that 'we should all be Hindu fundamentalists'