Monday, July 03, 2017

Quick notes: Temple loot, Drone swarms...

  • 171 temples under GST: Guest houses provided to pilgrims on nominal rent and other services to be adversely affected by GST. Not so for Muslim and Christian organizations.

  • When can we see Indian drones? The future of the Air Force is fighter pilots leading drone swarms into battle. Cheap, unmanned wingmen could add punch and protection to fighter formations.

  • Airbus Vahana: Self-propelled air-taxi.

  • Language war: Efforts on to unite southern states against Hindi imposition

  • Aadhaar cards, Voter IDs and PAN cards not a problem : Bangaldeshis running prostitution racket near Bengaluru

  • A Ticking Time Bomb: The presence of the Rohingya Muslims in Jammu and nearby areas poses a threat to the national security

  • Church endorsement of political candidates: GOP wants churches to have the right to endorse political candidates while keeping their tax-free status. Some worry that the measure could allow churches to use their tax-free status to funnel money to political candidates.

  • Ford GoBike: Dock-based bike-share program starts in Silicon Valley. To have a fleet of 7,000 bikes soon.


Samhita Mahajan said...

my colleague seshu is founder of an aerospace startup xair in california. they are building some very advanced drone systems for specific markets. he says india is very myopic in its approach to hi-tech & investors are caught up in apps and ecommerce!

Pagan said...

Welcome here, Samhita Mahajan. Gandhiji's words ring true:

Education through a foreign language entails a certain degree of strain, and our boys have to pay dearly for it. To a large extent, they lose the capacity of shouldering any other burden afterwards., for they become a useless lot who are weak of body, without any zest for work and imitators of the West. They have little interest in original research or deep thinking, and the qualities of courage, perseverance. bravery and fearlessness are lacking. That is why we are unable to make new plans or carry our projects to meet our problems. In case we make them to fail to implement them.