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Fwd: India needs to be prepared for all eventualities+China’s challenging neighborhood diplomacy+How lack of synergy is hurting Indian Army’s hunt for weapons

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1. Doklam: Keeping the Powder Dry! 24.7.17 lt gen js bajwa
Had these politicians refrained from meeting the Ambassador in view of the Doklam standoff, China would have got a very different message about India's resolve and support to the government by all political parties.
The Navy has an onerous task to protect the vast coast line. The vulnerability of Andaman and Nicobar Island to clandestine occupation by even a small Chinese force will be high on their agenda.
Without hard power handy a country has to make unacceptable compromises in its national interests to accommodate those of a belligerent. War may not be India's choice but not to prepare for it when there are war clouds looming would amount to a gross act of treason. Let my Countrymen not be fooled by our own people in power'.
2. What Chinese warmongering reveals 24.2.17 by Brahma C
Disinformation and deceit are among the tools China is employing in its psywar to tame India without military combat, in Sun Tzu style.'
One issue is China's disregard of international law, including the bilateral accords it has signed with Bhutan and India pledging not to alter the status quo unilaterally. As the South and East China seas also illustrate, Beijing signs agreements and treaties but does not comply with them.'
3. Are import restrictions to blame for India's trade deficit with China? 25.7.17
India's addiction to cheap Chinese phones rather than trade restrictions better explain the yawning trade gap with China.
4. Sino-Indian standoff: India needs to be prepared for all eventualities 25.7.17 by Kanwal Sibal
China's strategy on the border issue is a controlled one, both of not settling it and also negotiating agreements and measures to avoid an actual military clash. This way China keeps India under pressure, exposes the limitations of its political will and military capacity to confront it, keeps large parts of India's military forces tied up in the north and east with a view to releasing pressure on Pakistan, and through all this pursues its hegemonic ambitions in Asia as whole with diminished India'..
5. China's challenging neighborhood diplomacy OPED 24.7.17
n the future, China still faces a number of challenges in its neighborhood. The challenges need to be addressed with a holistic approach if China wants to maintain and prolong its current period of strategic opportunity, promote its domestic economic and political situation, and push forward the implementation of its initiatives and proposals.
Yet the biggest challenge for China lies in Donald Trump's China policy, given Washington's important position in the Asia-Pacific region and the unpredictability of the Trump administration.'

6. Why India must stand firm against 'China's psychological warfare' on the Doklam plateau stand-off 25.71.7 by Kapil Sibal
If the Chinese up the ante in Kashmir or the Northeast, they must think of their political vulnerabilities in Tibet and Taiwan.'
8. How lack of synergy is hurting Indian Army's hunt for weapons 25.7.17 by Sandeep Unnithan
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