Monday, November 28, 2016


Has anybody been watching Westworld? It's an HBO-produced TV reboot of a 1970s movie by the same name. Like Blade Runner, it features a gripping suspenseful storyline which tackles interesting issues around the ethics of artificially-produced beings, consciousness and memory. It also presents the idea of "reality" as a narrative, which can fall apart when cracks in it are revealed. Other themes include reincarnation, past life memories, karma/fate, and attaining nirvana/fulfillment. It's a different take on Roy Batty's predicament.

Episode 10 of Westworld, the first season finale, will air a week from now. The series has overtaken Game of Thrones in popularity, and it's probably better to binge-watch all the available episodes back-to-back, because the first season is about to complete.

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