Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Elections

In an historic upset, Donald Trump has won the US presidential election race, and will become the next President of the United States.

Ab Ki Baar, Trump Sarkar.

Overcoming tremendous odds, including overwhelming Left-wing media bias, as well as the far larger campaign spending budget and powerful political machine of rival candidate Hillary Clinton, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump has achieved electoral victory - all done on a relatively modest budget, along with direct tweeting to the masses.

Not only has Trump won the Whitehouse, but his fellow Republican partymen managed for the most part to retain their seats, keeping their party in control over both houses of Congress. A clean sweep. This puts an upcoming Trump administration in a very good position to push through its agenda as soon as it takes office.

The Left-wing Democratic Party are reeling in shock - the self-proclaimed "experts" had already been anointing her the favored winner. Stock markets are temporarily buckling, having already factored in a Clinton victory and now being forced to revise.

Other losers are Atlanticists and the Deep State, who had come out against Trump, and will now nervously watch him come to power. Muslim Americans like Khizr Khan will also have to swallow the bitterness of Trump's victory, although as with Modi, his actual policies aren't likely to have their fears realized. (However, stand by for the parade of award-wapsis.)

President Obama himself had aggressively campaigned against Trump in an unprecedented manner, even going so far at a recent rally to imply Trump had links to the KKK. Now the outgoing president Obama will be forced to hand the keys for the Oval Office over to the one he mocked most derisively.

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