Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump, Modi vs Global Elites

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi have managed to overcome the elite oligarchies dominating their respective countries - the Clintons in the case of the USA, and the Nehru-Gandhis in the case of India:

The Global Elites have sought to hang on tenaciously, by using ethnic vote bank politics to play divide-and-rule. While these Global Elites have managed to reinforce each other in the past, will their usurpers be able to work together in the future? Or is it only a matter of time before the elites claw their way back to power?


non-carborundum said...

Indeed. This is just the beginning. The problem, namely - Globalism has just been identified. People may realise that constructs of conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, socialism etc. are meaningless. It is ultimately about preventing a concentration of power in too few hands, for which ironically, the Nation State is the most powerful tool.

san said...

Previously, it was the leftists squawking against globalization, complaining that international commerce and competition was endangering local jobs. And yet in the meantime, the same Left were joining hands with each other worldwide, trying to use global linkages as leverage against local opponents (eg. NGO's like Greenpeace)

Now it's the same Left who are darkly warning against xenophobia, etc - which they themselves were guilty of practicing.

Regaining control over things like immigration is the key, because Leftists hope to go all-out to rig the electoral game through demographic alteration, and other Weapons of Mass Domination.