Friday, October 14, 2016

Philippines Ends South China Sea Patrols with US; Thai King Dies

Philippines is ending its joint-patrols with the US in the South China Sea:

This follows recent statements by President Duterte telling Obama and the US to "go to hell".

As has previously been noted by various commentators, including Bharat Karnad, recently-elected Philippines President Duterte is likely a Manchurian Candidate backed by China, since his dark-horse candidacy was initially given seed money by Chinese mining interests fronting for Beijing.

And now with the death of Thailand's king, it's not hard to imagine that country being increasingly pulled into China's orbit like Nepal. Thailand's king was a great pillar of stability in the country, where Bangkok's wealthy/middle-class Yellow-shirt movement are at loggerheads with the Red-shirt movement composed of rural poor loyal to the Shinawatra family believed to be backed by China.

So ends Obama's presidency and his much-touted "Pivot to Asia", which was cobbled together by Atlanticist-types anyway, as a belated attempt to shore up America's eroding position in the Asia-Pacific due to rising China. Obama's foreign policy has made Jimmy Carter look competent by comparison. This is all the result of US Democrats and their myopic Atlanticist fixations.

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