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Fwd: Re-nergise ties with Myanmar+ Pakistan invites Russia to join CASA 1000+Revisiting India’s Northern Frontier

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1. Cheap media TRP games damage our military's fighting morale by group captain murli menon 5.10.16
Aspects of escalation control and broad targeting aspects have been discussed by all and sundry.'
'Let us cut the hype for a bit and give a break to our planners and decision makers,' says Group Captain Murli Menon (retd).
2. Salafism in Kashmir: Why is media silent on Salafi-Wahhabi preachers in the Valley? 5.10.16 by ghulam rasool dehlevi
3. Re-nergise ties with Myanmar 6.10.16 by G Parthasarathy
It has thereby prevented Pakistan from undermining its diplomacy across its eastern neighbourhood and made BIMSTEC the primary organisation for regional outreach. Developing a quadrilateral India-Sri Lanka-Maldives-Seychelles corridor, across the western Indian Ocean, can reinforce this effort.
India should develop a policy for regional containment of Pakistan by complementing these efforts with an India-Iran-Afghanistan economic partnership.
While PM Modi has repeatedly spoken of improving connectivity across our eastern borders by a trilateral "friendship highway", through Myanmar to Thailand, the project work on this highway has been tardy and inefficient. We did not repair and upgrade an estimated 80 World War II bridges when we initially undertook to rebuild the road, which, if properly utilised, could be the centerpiece for tourist traffic across Manipur to Mandalay, and even beyond to Thailand. Sadly, because of poor project implementation and unimaginative restrictions and procedures, this road is hardly utilised. The bus service that was inaugurated with much fanfare has come to a grinding halt.
Finally, over two decades ago we agreed to construct an 1800 MW hydel project across the Chindwin river close to our borders in Manipur. We have only debated how this project will be implemented and have invited ridicule.
We should ask ourselves why we couldn't have a booming economic interaction across our borders with Myanmar, as China does. Japan is now admired in Myanmar because of measures it has recently devised to promote meaningful trade, investment and economic ties with Myanmar. There is much we can learn from the Chinese and our Japanese friends.
My take – As a nation we talk too much, and brag about small achievements. In so many years cannot made a world class Imphal to Mandalay. A high quality bus service to Mandalay would change relations forever. There are no direct flights from Mandalay to Imphal. Think of the number of Buddhist devotees coming to Bodh Gaya if we had a Mandalay-Imphal-Gaya flight and a Bus service to Imphal with a flight to Gaya. Bus service means cheaper option to fly to Bangkok – it will lead to a tourist boom in Manipur. Can we give up national obsession with Pakistan please?
Anyone who has travelled to the Manipur Myanmar border will know FENCE will never work given the terrain.
7. Revisiting India's Northern Frontier 6.10.16 by K N Pandita
Ladakh people have been consistently demanding Union Territory status to the region on strong plea that it needs rapid and phenomenal development in all walks of life. Those conversant with the history of relationship between Ladakh and Srinagar based governments have no difficulty in conceding that the former have genuine grievances pending since many decades.
However, valley-centric political establishment has been opposing and will continue to oppose this demand of Ladakhis. Apprehensive of Ladakh agitation for Union Territory status gaining public support on larger scale, the then Srinagar-based National Conference government subtly ordered detachment of Muslim (Shia) dominated Kargil district from one-unit Ladakh region, and later on ordered delimiting Zanskar (with fair sprinkling of Sunni Muslims) from Ladakh and attaching it to Kargil district. .. .
This was brazen faced communal divide and has persisted till date. Interestingly, PDP High Command has now expelled its local chief in Kargil from the party for joining the delegation of Ladakhis who called on the Home Minister and demanded UT for Ladakh. In their memorandum submitted to the Home Minister in Kargil, the Kargil Hill Development Council categorically demanded that the Union government reject the demand of the Ladakhis for UT.
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