Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Filipino President Calls for US Forces to Leave Within 2 Years

On a visit to Japan, newly-elected President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has just now called for all US forces to vacate his country within 2 years:

This move would be a serious blow to the USA's security plans in East Asia, allowing China to wrest control over the South China Sea unchallenged and expand its hegemony over the East Asia region.

This is what the United States has reaped from its Atlanticist-centred foreign policy. Let's remember that Asia represents a larger portion of the world's population and its economy than beloved Europe does.

Here's my own small letter to NYT on this:
In contrast to the falsely contrived accusations that Trump is Putin's stooge, Rodrigo Duterte is indeed a genuine Manchurian Candidate for Beijing. His presidential campaign received initial seed money from Chinese mining companies fronting for Beijing. His anti-drug campaign rhetoric dovetailed with that of Maoist guerrillas who similarly claimed to be fighting drug lords for control of the jungles. And unlike Trump who publicly advocates NATO spending cuts, Mr Duterte cannily never made any mention of expelling Americans during his election campaign. Had Washington gotten any serious inkling that Duterte was going to expel US forces, the US would have weighed in early on to support Duterte's electoral rivals - just like how the powerful NATO lobby and Deep State quickly began rallying their backbiting against Trump after he antagonized them with his loose talk. A real foreign stooge behaves like Rodrigo Duterte, and not like Donald Trump. The cliché Red-baiting that's sprung up against Trump and reached such grotesque levels, is an example of of the depths partisan electoral mud-slinging has sunk to. However, it's no surprise that Russia would prefer Trump to win, given that Hillary Clinton is basically a blank cheque for Atlanticist hawks to stamp their own Moscow-fixated foreign policy agenda upon. It's also another reason why other actors - whether China or AlQaeda or ISIS - have so easily been able to pursue their own expansionism with little challenge from the US.

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