Thursday, April 21, 2016

swarajya piece on why the BRICS are dead, and how #deepstate may have had a hand in it

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SS said...

I think you give deepstate too much credit. I am sure deepstate would love to break-up the BRICS, the fact is that the BRICS were overrated in the first place. Russia is pretty much Saudi Arabia with nukes, Brazil has been an "emerging power" for the past 100 years, India and China have their own deep rooted structural problems to deal with.

I do agree with your Japan assessment though, the Yanks craftily allowed the Japanese to buy their inflated real estate and suckering the Japanese into taking huge loans to the detriment of their banking sector. That and the fact that the Japanese stupidly allowed their zombie banks to continue rather than let them fold. Poor Japanese did not know that deficit spending and bank bailouts is an exclusive Yankee right :)

san said...

I've indeed noticed a lot of salivating over Rousseff's impending impeachment, just as there was a lot of moaning over her electoral victory. Regarding China, it's not just the usual American skeptics, but also other opportunists like George Soros who are playing up a "hard landing" for China. It might be best to wait for the outcome of the Brexit vote to see who the next big winners and losers might be.

san said...

SS, we're not in much of a position to smirk at Japan - after all, we too are allowing our Indian zombie banks to continue instead of folding or TARPing them as we should.

san said...
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