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Fwd: Representations of poverty in the U.S.+Visit expect to sort out Lanka Sino difference+How can Pakistan counter India’s military might+Vietnam protests China’s deployment of drilling rig off the Tonkin Gulf

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Which means even if there is a solution to Kashmir, Pakistan would not be satisfied?
Yes. It's costly for Pakistan to maintain this competition, but they view defeat very differently. They don't view it in terms of territory lost or value of territory or number of lives lost. They view defeat as that moment when they can no longer resist India. They are like an international insurgent.
3. Sri Lanka Perspectives: March 2016 by R Hariharan 8 April 2016
4. Representations of poverty in the U.S. 8.4.16 by s subramaniam
'Indeed, it turns out that, for the year 2011, if we take the U.S. poverty line to be $7.30 per person per day — a figure which is just one-half of the conservative estimate of $14.60 mentioned earlier — then the number of poor people in the US corresponding to this poverty line is 8.3 million. This is just one instance of the failure to take proper account of the status of the poor when the wealth of a nation is allowed to obscure the deprivation of its poorer members.


My take – My cousin who has lived in the U.S. for over 30 years says travel in the hinterland to see real poverty, do not get swayed by big towns which most Indians visit. Wish the U.S. Churches that remit app a billion dollars every year into India to help poor India focused on the poor back home.


5. Peace process suspended after Yadav arrest 8.4.16 


6. How can Pakistan counter India's growing military might 8.4.16 by naveen ahmed

'The $3 billion INS Arihant - strategic vessel that cleared all sea trials is definitely worrisome for Pakistan as it gives Delhi assured second-strike capability in a nuclear standoff.

The current spending of $9.5 billion does not help maintain a balance of power to preserve the status quo. The Modi government has aggressively pursued a policy of encircling and isolating Pakistan. The recent arrests of over a dozen spies allegedly affiliated with RAW have heightened the existing mistrust.


My take – 2 bogies created by the Pakis. One is Yadav arrest. Two is India's growing might. Aggression is the best form of defence mostly Pakistan policy. India has failed to communicate effectively on stockpiling of weapons by Pakistan and Chinese role in Pak Nuclear program.


7. Vietnam protests China's deployment of drilling rig off the Tonkin Gulf 8.4.16

'Commenting on China's construction of a lighthouse on Subi reef in Vietnam's Truong Sa archipelago, the official said, "Once again, Vietnam has sufficient legal and historical evidence of its undisputed sovereignty over the Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagoes. China's action seriously violates Vietnam's sovereignty over Truong Sa, which is illegal and invalid.'


8. Tourist visit S.China Sea islands 7.4.16

9. Visit expect to sort out Lanka Sino difference 7.4.16
One of the big questions of his tour is whether the two sides will nail the divergences down over the Beijing-funded $1.4 billion port city project in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.
The scenario drawn out here has relevance because Prime Minister Modi's foreign policy initiatives with regard to Pakistan have so far seemed to oscillate between 'jhappi' (embrace) and 'katti' (estrangement); however, he would need to develop a more centred policy before he travels to Pakistan later this year for the SAARC summit. '
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