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Fwd: India does a U-turn, cancels visa+China Remains a Proliferation Concern+Diplomatic chess in Cam Ranh Bay highlights Vietnam's dilemma +Kathmandu faces fuel shortage

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1. China Remains a Proliferation Concern in the Indian Subcontinent by r kazi 22.4.16
"Recently, a mineral smuggling operation involving export of several tonnes of beryl1 — an atomic mineral ore of beryllium2 — reportedly to China, was jointly thwarted by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in Kanakpura, Rajasthan.3 By the end of January this year, Rajasthan ATS had reportedly arrested six men. This incident highlighted two important issues.
Recently, China has accelerated its nuclear cooperation with Pakistan that involves setting up of at least six nuclear power projects in Islamabad.9 The China-Pakistan nuclear commerce is alleged to have been arranged without the sanction of the NSG. China's argument that its actions are in compliance with NSG guidelines is far from credible as the agreement lacks adequate transparency."
2. New Delhi may get dragged into tussles by zhang f 24.4.16
'Indian diplomacy rests on engagement with major world powers instead of clinging to a particular country. By adopting an ambiguous strategy, India places itself in a position that all the major powers woo it, but it never explicitly promises anything regarding the policies of other nations.
By joining the communiqué in support of China's stance on the South China Sea, India seemingly tries to strike a diplomatic balance at a high level. Yet it doesn't connote any change in India's diplomatic intentions to seek a balance between powers. India's moves to substantively bolster the US in military cooperation and meanwhile disappoint the latter right before the South China Sea arbitration outcome is released indicates the duality of India's policy. They show that India also takes a two-sided stance in dealing with China. "
My take – Happy to this speaking in different languages. Let us see how it shapes out. Has GOI done this before?
3. South China Sea on the boil again 25.4.16 by radhakrishna rao
4. Indian Airborne Troops Script History 25.4.16 by danvir singh
5. Kathmandu faces fuel shortage again not because of India 25.4.16
On April 12, two Japanese destroyers sailed into Cam Ranh Bay in southern Vietnam. It was the first time a Japanese Self-Defense Force vessel had ever appeared in the bay, a strategically important point only about 550km from the contested Spratly and Paracel island chains in the South China Sea. For Vietnam, the visit posed something of a dilemma. On one hand, it served as a warning to China, which has been building a military base in the controversial waters. On the other, it had the potential to raise the ire of its massive neighbor, with which it has deep economic and political ties.'
7. India does a U-turn, cancels visa to Chinese dissident Dolkun Isa. Read what M K Bhadrakumar has to say 25.4.16
My take – many including myself were initially upset about this U turn. I think it is a point well made to the Chinese. No need to escalate further. Drive home the point that the India China Expressway is now two way.
8. Will no longer seem help in peace process with Taliban says Afghan President 25.4.16
9. China in the Indian Ocean 20.4.16 by d s rajan
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