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Fwd: The Indian Ocean Challenge +Defence Budget not compatible with threat perception+Modi can't allow Pakistan SIT inside Pathankot base+ CPEC China Pak differ over Tax Exemptions

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1. The Indian Ocean Challenge by g parthasarathy 10.3.16
"Despite these developments, India cannot ignore the fact that China has acted as a spoiler in every effort New Delhi has made to enhance its role in its eastern neighbourhood. Beijing vigorously opposed our participation in economic and security forums linked with ASEAN, including the ASEAN Regional Forum and the East Asia Summit. China continues to maintain links across its borders with Myanmar, with some of our northeastern separatist outfits. We are now steadily moving towards a more proactive response to counter these Chinese efforts."
China has simultaneously commenced an effort to strengthen Pakistan's navy, with the supply of four  frigates and eight submarines, to reinforce these efforts.
What India cannot afford to ignore is that while the silk road envelops both its eastern and western neighbours, this road links up with the Maritime Silk Road and the Indian Ocean, in the Pakistani Port of Gwadar, located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf".
2. Defence Budget not compatible with threat perception and modernisation severely hit 10.3.16 by col pk vasudeva
"China has over double the number of combat aircraft than India. IAFs edge over PAF is at an all-time low of 1.5:1. Capital requirements for IAF itself could be Rs 50,000 crore. Indian Army needs money for Russian T-90 MBTs and indigenous Arjun battle tanks, Kamov 226 Light Utility helicopters, BrahMos tactical cruise missiles, 155 mm wheeled self-propelled guns, Ultra-light howitzers, and modern kits and assault rifles for its soldiers among many other things.
The Blue water Indian Navy needs to fast-track submarine acquisitions, including Arihant class nuclear subs and funds for already under construction Vikrant aircraft carrier. The 12 Japanese Shin Maywa Industries' US-2i amphibious aircraft need around $1.65 billion. By 2019, the Navy dreams of having 150 ships and close to 500 aircraft and helicopters."
3. Why the Chinese Defence Budget calls for introspection by gurmeet kanwal 9.3.16
4. China to draft new law to manage NGO activities 10.3.16
My take – When will GOI do so? That would mean taking on the West, U.S. Germany and U.K. being the biggest contributors.
5. March 9 - A high level team constituted by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for security audit of military installations will shortly visit Jammu and Kashmir to take review of 'Vulnerable Areas and Vulnerable Places' and suggest measures for quick reaction in case of January 2 like Pathankot attack and ensure that the encounters didn't prolong. The team is headed by Lt Gen (Retired) Philip Campose, former Vice Chief of Army Staff, who had also served as Western Command chief.
6. Modi can't allow Pakistan SIT inside Pathankot base 10.3.16 by rajeev sharma
7. A remarkabe past – Without altertness, Pakistan will lose evidence of its history by westminster gleanings 10.3.16
9. Spare the Service Chiefs 9.3.16 by major gen mrinal suman 
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san said...

Why are we even engaging Pak on terror? When they attack us, we should just orchestrate a reprisal attack of greater magnitude. Their military have wives and kids.