Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick notes: Accidental PM, $5 Chemistry set...

  • Prime Minister's Surrender: "Pulok Chatterjee from PMO had regular meetings with Sonia at which he would brief her on the key policy issues and seek her instructions on the important files to be cleared by the PM" (NDTV nearly blacked this out. We know their man Pankaj Pachauri succeeded Sanjaya Baru)

  • Lust for power: "Kejriwal wanted to be PM, that’s why AAP quit Delhi" - Anna Hazare

  • Mr Bright: Stanford Assistant Professor of Bioengineering Manu Prakash won a contest to develop the 21st-century chemistry set. His version, based on a toy music box, is small, robust, programmable and costs $5.

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