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Fwd: Proof: AAP Delhi candidate Rajmohan Gandhi started & funded North-East India separatism

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Subject: Proof: AAP Delhi candidate Rajmohan Gandhi started & funded North-East India separatism
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Namaste everyone,
Rajmohan Gandhi is naxal AAP's candidate for Lok Sabha from East Delhi. Anarchist Kejriwal is personally asking vote for him highlighting that Rajmohan's only qualification is he is Mahatma Gandhi's grandson. Whatever happened to pathological liar Kejriwal's stand that his party is against dynastic politics. But what is even more alarming is that as per evidence given in the book "Watan ka dushman: Rajmohan Gandhi", Rajmohan Gandhi exploited child labor to get funding from UK's MRA and US's CIA to start forceful Christian conversion activities in North East and funded separatism movement in Nagaland, etc. Even Rajmohan's assets on election affidavit don't add up. All this is dishonesty and personal corruption of highest order!

Here is testimony of one of Rajmohan's many victims Mr. Sai Lal Jedia, who was once Rajmohan's confidante and whom Rajmohan exploited. In this video Jedia is showing proof of how Rajmohan got in touch with UK's MRA and US's CIA, forcefully converted 10 yrs old Jedia to Christianity, forced 10 yrs old Jedia & his 2 small sisters into beggary, opened Panchgani college as a front for his anti-national activities, and funded Christian conversion and separatist movements in Nagaland, etc. This is similar to what Mr Rajiv Malhotra has pointed out in his luminous book Breaking India.

Amit Surji Thadani did an independent study of these allegations and found these to be true based on publicly available documents, shared in following post:
Naxal AAP is going to a be a curse on India if elected to power as we saw during 49 days of anarchist mayhem unleashed by bhagora Kejriwal early this year. But Rajmohan Gandhi is not an exception in AAP.

Here is video of naxal AAP candidate from Ghaziabad & actor Javed Jaafri bribing a poor rikshawala Rs 1000 for buying his vote while model code is in effect. Isn't this corruption and dishonesty?

Unfortunately, we know toothless election commission (EC) will do nothing just like it did nothing against communal Congress candidate Imran Masood who threatened to chop Shri Narendra Modi into pieces. A death threat is a threat; doesn't matter whether made just before model code kicked in or after. Otherwise it is like EC is saying you may want to chop prime ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi into pieces, just don't say it during model code days but it is acceptable to express your murderous communal intentions one day before model kicks in. Ideally respectable EC should disqualify and bar both Javed Jaafri and Imran Masood from running for any public office.

Similar news of bribery is coming from Bangalore

There is also news of naxal AAP goons bribing voters with free train tickets at Delhi railway station, which then these fake travelers refund to get bribe money.

In following post Mayank Khanduja, a resident of Vasant Kunj (South Delhi) has shared his personal experience of Election model code violation (more vehicles used than allowed for campaigning), traffic violations, destruction of property, littering, and life threatening intimidation by naxal AAP goons. This even before AAP goons have been elected to power. Imagine afterwards!

Following is the CV of naxal AAP's anti-establishment candidate from Gurgaon Yogendra Yadav who has suddenly started using his real name Salim while giving provocative anti-Modi anti-Hindu speeches to Muslim voters. Isn't Salim aka Yogendra Yadav polarizing elections by diving people on basis of religion? Isn't he making personal attacks and committing contempt of Honorable Supreme Court & violation of election model code when he says Modi is mass murderer aur woh aayega to aag lag jayegi?

How are Salim's actions different than Sonia Gandhi dividing the country on communal lines by specifically asking for Muslim vote from gunda thug Imam Bukhari, against whom there is a non-bailable warrant and who assaulted a muslim journalist for supporting Honorable Prayagraj High Court decision on Ayodhya?

Following is news of naxal AAP expelling their co-founder & national council member Ashwini Upadhyay for speaking against lies of Anarchist Kejriwal. Kejri is now like a holy prophet for AAP like Sonia is for Congress against whom you cannot speak or else it is blasphemy.

In following video, parents of dead AAP volunteer Santosh Koli reveal how bhagora Kejriwal exploited their daughter. Naxal AAP collected Rs 25 lakhs in her name when she died but never gave that money to her parents.

Unfortunately, none in the sellout Indian media (CNN IBN, NDTV, Timesnow, ABP, AAP Tak, India Today) have guts to report this in the news. They are just busy beating poor Amit Shah who merely said if voters have any feelings against discrimination by Samajwadi Party govt then voters should use the power of vote to take revenge because gone are the days of using sword.

President Obama said the same thing in 2012 US election that voting is best revenge Was Obama communalizing election?

Apni ankhein kholo yaar| Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar|


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I am just a freelance activist and observer speaking out for the cause of Sanatan Dharm, its Anuyayi and the atrocities on Dharm in and outside Bharat. I like to express my views on the current socio-political environment in US and Bharat with facts. I am also inquisitive to learn about the true (not Nehruvian-Marxist-Anglicized-Islamified doctored version) history of Bharat which is subverted and suppressed despite right to freedom of speech. I am a staunch believer of our holy Shastr and that ॥सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं॥ (Truth Alone Triumphs, not falsehood) - Mundak Upanishad 3.1.6. I do this in my spare time as a selfless contribution to my God, my religion, and the society. Rest of the time I am just another white-collar working for bread and butter.

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