Thursday, April 10, 2014

big mistake: manisankaraiyer calling #namo 'chaiwallah'

  1. in fact, alleged democracy merely produced a plethora of parasites who think they have a manifest destiny. real maharajahs were better 7/7

  2. it is these surging, ambitious young people who are the future, not the effete, west-aping hereditary neo-maharajahs against #namo 6/n

  3. that class-ist, caste-ist taunt was the biggest mistake the feckless #congress made against #namo. it endeared him to the subalterns 5/n

  4. the #chaiwallah taunt had in it all the hate and fear of the ancien regime as it sees its future crumbling before its very eyes 4/n

  5. #namo has become an icon for those who want to advance on merit, who despise the rentier carpetbaggers who have captured the state 3/n

  6. #namo deftly used the taunt to gather around him the marginalized, aspiring, common man, who will bury the wodehousian-idle-rich-drones 2/n

  7. if #namo wins, history will record the tipping point as manisankariyer's taunt of him as #chaiwallah. so much like the karna humiliation 1/n

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