Sunday, May 05, 2013

GOI Dhimmis order Indian troops to withdraw from Indian territory!

Absurd outcome of the Chinese aggression into Ladakh: Indian troops withdraw from Indian territory encroached upon by Chinese 19 kms inside the LAC!
No clarity on Chinese withdrawal to their side of China occupied Kashmir (Aksai Chin).

Apparently, Salman Khurshid's
"acne cream" will leave behind a
strategically located permanent scar in close proximity to the Siachen glacier. The Dhimmis in the GOI owe an explanation to the country on their latest exhibition of docility at the border.

A battalion of Chinese troops estimated at about 50 and accompanied by vehicles and dogs had intruded 19 km inside the Indian territory across the Line of Actual Control in the Daulat Beg Oldi sector on April 15 and set up five tents.

The Indian troops had also established tented posts facing the Chinese forces at a distance of 300 metres.

The troops of the two sides held four flag meetings, the last one being yesterday. However, there was no positive outcome from these meetings, which went hand-in-hand with high-level diplomatic efforts to break the impasse.

An agreement was reached late on Sunday for both sides to pull back their troops simultaneously from the face off point, which was completed at 1930 hours, the sources said.

Indian and Chinese commanders at the local level shook hands before withdrawing, the sources said. However, it was not clear whether the Chinese would withdraw all the way back across the LAC to the position that obtained on April 15 as was demanded by India which pressed for restoration of status quo ante.

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