Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chilluns day

Diwali or Deepavali is incomplete without the customary humour.

Unfortunately, this year's calendar has provided some cause for mirth - for commemoration of a historical
catastrophe for India follows right after Diwali.

(Un)Happy CHILLUN's day -(

November 14th is CHILLUNS day (Chacha Nehru's birthday) in Nehruvian Stalinist India.

The day was/is enforced as "Children's day" (pronounced CHILLUNS DAY by Kanngress-men) in India's educational system - calculated to indoctrinate impressionable young minds with devotion & sycophancy to the Nehru dynasty - so that they would grow up be loyal subjects!

No justification was ever provided as to why that day
was celebrated as such - just a
statement that Chacha Nehru "loved" Children (sic)! His alleged "sacrifices" for the country would be drilled into our minds - along with gratuitous references to his clothes being laundered, allegedly in Paris!!

Perhaps, a dedicated family chronicler such as that Guha chap (also known as the "bowel movement historian") can educate us about the origins of this festival.

But, even a casual examination of the perverted political parlance in India - with the proliferation of brainwashed "secular" idiots in Indian society - reveals that the little charade has worked!

Chacha Nehru == Uncle Ho Chi Minh == Kim Il Sung

Indira Ghandy == Kim Jong Il

Rajiv Ghandy == Kim Jong Sum
== Muammar Gaddafi

Raoul baba == Saif Ul Gaddfi

Thank God, those Americans invented the Internet. Otherwise,
Kaangress party bosses would have erased our civilizational memory - with rituals such as CHILLUNS day eclipsing Deepavali!

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