Thursday, November 15, 2012

Article: Jindal rejects Romney’s ‘gifts’ theory | won't be surprised if Jindal converts to Democratism by 2016


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san said...

Jindal is self-centred, and a die-hard conservative and fundamentalist, so he won't convert to the Democrat side. The Democrats all despise him anyway, and would laugh him off if he came knocking on their door. I like some of Jindal's ideas on reducing big govt, but I think he comes across as too immature and hurried. His horrible televised national address speech and clumsy style irretrievably wrecked his image. There are better people than him to lead the US.

Take a look at George P Bush, the latest rising star in the Bush family. He's well-spoken, he's a conservative, he's a Bush, and he's part hispanic too. He looks like the smartest new Bush since Jeb, and is definitely one to watch.