Thursday, August 24, 2017

Quick notes: Right-of-way, Killbots...

  • Muharram has right-of-way: Mamata Banerjee says no Durga idol immersion on Muharram

  • Ghar wapsi in quota case: Conversion good, ghar-wapsi bad according to All India Catholic Union and John Dayal.

  • Overdue: OBC list to be sub-categorised

  • Chinese threat: India tightens power grid, telecom rules. Local firms have long argued against Chinese involvement in the power sector, raising security concerns and saying they get no reciprocal access to Chinese markets.

  • China role in floods? "There was no unnatural rain in neighboring Arunachal Pradesh to trigger such a massive flooding in Assam. We need to know where the water came from. There was also no warning from China. Unnatural release of river water could be a ticking hydrogen bomb".

  • Killbots: Elon Musk urges the UN to limit AI weapons

  • HCCI Explained:

  • Lesson for Modi Sarkar: Economists still can’t decide whether the minimum wage is a good thing. A recent study found that a sharp rise in the minimum wage in Seattle led to job losses and fewer hours for low-wage workers—exactly what supply and demand theory would predict

  • Targeting India, specifically women:


san said...

If minimum wage is to be done, it should be set by local district govts, to allow competition amongst all the localities. Those who have the lower wage will see the greater job benefits. Without competition, it's just a recipe for stagnation and unemployment.

san said...

I'd been reading about that HCCI engine from Mazda, and it would probably be quite good in small aircraft as well. It would be able to supply more power during takeoff (at the cost of lesser efficiency) and then be able to switch to higher-efficiency mode during cruise, where the power requirements are less.