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Fwd: Mind the power gap between India and China+Why is Chanakya not part of Pakistan’s historical consciousness+The empire strikes back

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Unless India build comprehensive national strength, economic & military, the gap with China shall keep on increasing. Let us not blame the Chinese when they strike deals in India's neighborhood – they have the power we do not. Indians need to change the way we think and work, esp in MOD and Higher Judiciary. Hope India gets a Raksha Mantri soon. China Pakistan and other friends will try to keep India tied down. We need to address that and simultaneously focus on building economic and military power.
1. Why India needs to stop tempting fate and reform its military on war footing 30.8.17 by Shri arun prakash
2. Mind the power gap between India and China 2.7.17 by C Raja Mohan
Similarly in Myanmar, despite many political anxieties about economic over-dependence on Beijing, the government is reportedly close to a deal with a Chinese company for the commercial development of the Kyaukpyu island on its Bay of Bengal coast. Once Yangon signs on the dotted line, the Chinese company will start building a deep seaport, special economic zone and an industrial park. The Bay of Bengal is unlikely to be the same after that. Kyaukpyu is all set to become the energy gateway for petroleum imports into western China through a twin oil and gas pipeline system running from the Bay of Bengal
Beijing does not have to deliberately contain India. Beijing's exercise of its growing comprehensive national power — economic and military — will inevitably have that effect. Put simply, the question is not about Chinese intentions, but the massive surge in its capabilities.
Third, India had severely underestimated the implications of China's rise for India. Facile talk of the world being large enough for China and India masked the prospect that the changing power balance in Beijing's favour could alter the dynamic on India's long and disputed frontier with China.
The longer Delhi takes to act vigorously on its frontier region development, military modernisation and regional economic integration, the greater will be its degree of difficulty in coping with China's rise and future Doklams, Hambantotas, and Kyaukpyus.'
SN – The Sittwe port in Myanmar was to be completed in 2014 if I remember correctly. We are in 2017 and still not there.
3. How China plans to tame Sri Lanka with 'debt trap diplomacy' 2.8.17 by harsh pant
The revised deal with China provides for the formation of two companies to split the operations of the port in which China will run the company that will be in charge of business while Sri Lanka will have a major stake in the firm dealing with security. This is an attempt to allay Indian concerns.
Blaming Beijing is the easier option. Getting ready to challenge China's profile by enhancing its own regional role as an economic and security actor is the need of the hour for India.'
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'Nothing can describe this irony better than The Indus Saga , in which Aitzaz Ahsan writes in the preface: "… a nation in denial of its national identity is unfortunate. But when it chooses to adopt an extra-territorial identity, it becomes a prisoner of propaganda and myths... This is the Pakistan of today, not the Pakistan of its founders. Identity is at the heart of its problem". If Pakistan is to come out of its tortuous identity crisis, it needs to accept its non-Muslim history as its own. Recognising someone as important as Chanakya will have to be part of the long process. '
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