Thursday, August 16, 2012

with #zakaria these phrases leap to mind: "narcissist" "self-aggrandizer" "South Asian Journalista" "schadenfreude"

it is great to see the Great Brown Journalista In The Sky taking a fall. somebody called him a humpty-dumpty. (hey, i didn't, 'new age islam' did. so it must be true). see

he is one of those who has taken full advantage of the indian system (read the mammaries of the nehruvian welfare state, which only looks out for upper class people, mostly muslims and christians). 

and then he pisses on india constantly.

this is a general symptom exhibited by some others like dinesh d'souza as well, who may think they are "almost white".

this syndrome is most often exhibited by "south asian" men who have married white women. they think they have become white "by injection". (i exclude those who have become "white by hallucination" like one jindal.)

and then they want to run around -- these middle aged yuppies -- pretending to be urban guerillas. guantanamera! sandinista! fidel jai ho!

bloody insufferable twerps, especially the journalistas and other half-baked commies, like those asses vijay and biju.

in the colorful language of someone i knew, they "deserve to be beaten with coconut fronds dipped in dog-shit" (ok, it sounds better in malayalam. so biju-mon would understand it well.)

(coconut-fronds are plentiful and easily available in kerala, in case you were wondering)

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