Sunday, August 19, 2012

India Alone Understands The Futility of Olympics

There is nothing a totalitarian regime likes more than devoting its citizens to pointless activities, such as throwing the javelin, and then claiming, when one of them does it better than anyone else in the world, that it proves the brilliance of the dictator and the beneficent efficiency of his rule. How else could such excellence result?
It is not that India tried and failed. It did not try, and therein lies its peculiar wisdom and glory. Almost alone of the nations of the world, it more or less ignored the Games. I hope India will maintain its ability to discriminate between the worthwhile and the worthless.
 Theodore Dalrymple in WSJ: India's Olympic Achievement: Indifference


My life is my lesson! said...

I believe you have put across the wrong message. Why do people say health is wealth and India stands number one in the number of diabetic. Sports as a whole leads to an overall development of the nation. As you might have observed all the nations that came in the top are developed ones with healthier citizens. And defense alone is not a nations pride sports too is, when you win medals you send across the message and self confidence that even others can do it and it is not impossible. I wish you would say this about cricket and the IPL other than people earning money there is not much good it does for the nation.

Vijay said...

India is not number 1 in diabetes. It is 80 in terms of percentage. Check out
Dear My life is my lesson,

I believe you have put across the wrong
Indian middle class is certainly healthier than their Western counterparts.

You talk of pride. I ask pride at what cost. It will be just another avenue for corruption to grow.