Monday, August 13, 2012

Article: World’s 10 best festivals

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Arvind said...

ROFL @ description of Deepavali. They just don't want to use the word Hindu in any positive description. All creeds and religions? Ward of the darkness of evil? Spring-cleaned? Hatchets are buried and grudges are forgotten?

October or November. This five-day festival (also known as Deepavaali or Festival of Lights), which unites all creeds and religions, sees homes all over India lit with lamps and candles to ward off the darkness of evil. The homes are then thoroughly spring-cleaned while the people take the opportunity to buy new clothes and set off an armada of firecrackers, which sees noise-pollution levels rise dramatically (actually, it’s enough to perforate eardrums on the other side of the planet). On top of that, sweets are exchanged as hatchets are buried and grudges are forgotten…at least for now.