Friday, August 10, 2012

Article: A Jewish war hero, and the last vestige of a dying Indian community

NEW DELHI (JTA) — Lt. Gen. Jack Jacob, a national hero in India for likely saving hundreds of thousands of lives, is planning to fade away.

“I’ve just had my 89th birthday,” he says, “I think I’ve earned the right to rest.”

So Jacob, India’s “top-ranking Jew,” stayed home on his recent birthd...

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souixsie said...

He is an Indian hero, but too much is being made of his ethnicity. The victory was an Indian victory, it had Sikhs, Parsees, and, yes, Hindus who always get a short shrift in recognition. But this is entirely the fault of Hindus who view blowing their trumpet as a pathological disease.

The link between Hindus and the Jews is ancient and deep. Unlike other Abrahamic proselytizing faiths that used money or the sword from within, the Jews, like the Parsees, were Hindu-like in their tolerance. It is rare to find anything written about this ancient relationship in the leftist secular media, which marches in solidarity with the Palestinian cause despite the entire ummah's unconditional support for Pakistan. However, there was one surprising article in the Indian Express some years ago that wrote about the inspiration that Hindu philosophy provided to the Jews who fought the Romans to the death at Masada.