Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christists using UN to target India & Hindus

The United Nations is being used as a platform to demonise Hinduism and India, no doubt intended as a catalyst for the evangelical mission of soul harvesting. This diabolical endeavour is being supported by the allegedly "Maoist" government of Nepal under stealth christists
"Prachanda" and "Baburam Bhattarai".

The CHRISTINTERN (Christian Comintern) has several Indian collaborators too, who are natural traitors or can otherwise be bought with awards, such as the "Nelson Mandela Award Minority Empowerment Award" (Oscar Fernandes) , the "Wade Chair Scholar for the Academic Year 2009-10" (Cedric Prakash) or a eulogy by India's Maoist Vice President on the occasion of one's birthday ("Swami Agnivesh").

Note the demonisation of Brahmins in particular. The hate speech directed at the Brahmins is the same language used by Hitler's National Socialists to demonise the Jews before commencing the Final Solution to eliminate them.

It is highly regrettable that the United Nations is allowing itself to be used as a handmaiden of evangelical conquistadors and it is even more unfortunate that the Government of India is not fighting this conspiracy with all the force at its command. Shashi Tharoor's eloquent prose is of no practical utility if it is not deployed at international fora to tell the evangelicals to "Stay out of India".

Article from The Telegraph, UK

UN says caste system is a human rights abuse

By Dean Nelson in New Delhi
Published: 5:00AM BST 29 Sep 2009

The UN's Human Rights Council, meeting in Geneva, is expected to ratify draft principles which recognises the scale of persecution suffered by 65 million 'untouchables' or 'Dalits' who carry out the most menial and degrading work

Many of them work as lavatory and sewer cleaners and in remote villages as "night-soil carriers".

hey are considered unclean by many higher-caste 'Brahmins' who regard their presence, and sometimes even their shadow as 'polluting'.

Many Dalits have been badly beaten or killed for 'polluting' Brahmin wells by drinking from them.......

Feel the love: Indian christist abuses wife and daughters

The abuse was no doubt motivated by the fundamentals of the "Religion of Love" which is essentially a misogynistic cult that likes to subjugate women
and keep them in a state of oppressed terror - barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

NDTV, of course deliberately chooses NOT to highlight this aspect of the story and will no doubt remove the story from their website with alacrity. Therefore, reproducing the text from NDTV in full. I expect this story to be buried quietly before it attracts too much public attention.

By the way, isn't Maharashtra the state where the christists are building a 20,000 acre "Christian township"? Former Australian cricketer Steve Waugh is championing this "Christian township" and former Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh apparently "gifted" away 20,000 acres to the christists. Wonder if that will be like a SEZ where the law of the land is not applicable. It rather sounds like a colonial outpost of the British/Dutch East India company to me. And it sounds like Christism is now India's state religion, the burden of propagating it being borne by its victims - the Hindu taxpayers.

Would there be any safeguards instituted in order to prevent cases of Child and Women's abuse that the christist godmen (and godwomen) perpetrate so rampantly? Is GOI not guilty of surrendering away the nation's sovereignty in bits and pieces to predatory death cults?

Why does the "Hindu nationalist" BJP choose to keep silent on such blatantly unconstitutional propagation of a particular religion at taxpayers' expense? They don't even have that stealth christist Sudheendra Kulkarni amongst them anymore.

NDTV Correspondent, Wednesday September 30, 2009, Mumbai

Theresa Gomes and her two daughters climb into a car, their eyes vacant. This is the first time they are leaving their house in seven years.

Frances Gomes was convinced that if his daughters left his flat in Vasai, they would be raped. Or "corrupted". So he kept 27-year-old Barbara and 21-year-old Elizabeth locked up with their mother in this Mumbai suburb.

The three women sit with their heads bowed, but say little. Barbara cannot control her neck movements, the result of a severe beating, one of many, by her father. A visit inside their flat shows a fridge with a chain around it. Gomes decided when his family would eat. The windows have huge deadbolts. When he left the house, he'd slam them shut.

That guaranteed that his neighbours had no interaction with his family. All that was known about Gomes was this: That he was unemployed, and that he lived off the money he'd made from selling a flat.

Then, on Tuesday, whispering through a peephole, Theresa managed to catch the attention of a neighbour. A local NGO arrived soon after to Vasai's House of Horrors.

Francis Gomes was beaten up by angry locals. But his family has not asked for any action against him. "They came to us saying that they wanted the NGO to rehabilitate them. But they did not register a complaint against the accused," says Ashok Pawar, a senior officer at the Manickpur Police Station.

Gomes insists he has done nothing wrong. A slight man with silver hair, he dares, "Bring me face-to-face with my wife and ask her then to explain if I mistreated her." He has this to fall back upon: Two months ago, his third daughter managed to escape with the help of another NGO. Her trauma is so deep that she has never asked those who rescued her to go back for her mother and sisters.

Egypt anger over virginity faking

sep 30th, 2009

limeys should be pleased about the existence of this device. after all, the national health service in limey-land has been paying for hymen repair as part of multi-culturalism and appeasement of mohammedan females!

hmmm... while arabs/pakis are out there bagging non-mohammedan females through romeo-jihad, their females are bonking any available guy, apparently. serves them right.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

Egypt anger over virginity faking
By Magdi Abdelhadi 

BBC Arab Affairs analyst 

A leading Egyptian scholar has demanded that people caught importing a female virginity-faking device into the country should face the death penalty.

Abdul Mouti Bayoumi said supplying the item was akin to spreading vice in society, a crime punishable by death in Islamic Sharia law.

The device is said to release liquid imitating blood, allowing a female to feign virginity on her wedding night.

There is a stigma about pre-marital sex in conservative Arab societies.

The contraption is seen as a cheap and simple alternative to hymen repair surgery, which is carried out in secret by some clinics in the Middle East.

It is produced in China and has already become available in other parts of the Arab world.

The device is reported to be on sale in Syria for $15.

Professor Bayoumi, a scholar at the prestigious al-Azhar University, said it undermined the moral deterrent of fornication, which he described as a crime and one of the cardinal sins in Islam.

Members of parliament in Egypt have also called for banning import of the item.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2009/09/28 16:53:36 GMT


Rahul finds himself on a sticky wicket

sep 30th, 2009

the guy must have the IQ of an idiot, if even JNU morons -- generally the dregs of society -- can stump him.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

Rahul finds himself on a sticky wicket


Rahul Gandhi faced some uncomfortable questions when he went for an interactive session at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, the bastion of Left-leaning students, on Tuesday.

"Opposition first," said Mr. Gandhi indicating towards some students who were holding black flags and shouting slogans to oppose his visit.

A student asked why the government has given "huge subsidy" to corporate houses while the cost of higher education is going to increase according to the latest HRD circular.

"You seem be the follower of Left-ideology," Mr. Gandhi responded. "The UPA government aims at distribution of growth, but the Left only talks of distribution. They have no way to grow."

To the discomfort of young Congress leader, a student said, "Rahul bhai, you are a real rajneta. You are speaking so much but answering nothing."

"Mr. Gandhi, I am not here to ask you anything related to fake encounters in Manipur, '84 anti-Sikh riots or farmers dying in Vidarbha. You talk of democratisation and participation. Please tell me who chose you as a leader," was a question from one of the students.

Mr. Gandhi promptly replied that the questioner had not seen his capability. "I have three options, to sit quietly, to propagate the system or to question the system. I have chosen the last one."

At one stage, he said JNU students are considered intelligent but wondered why no one has asked him a question relating to long-term benefits for the country.

When asked about the Right to Education Bill by JNUSU general secretary Sucheta De, Mr. Gandhi admitted he had no knowledge about it and would look into the matter.

The Congress leader had to pitch in with NSUI leaders to answer some questions.

Seeking to silence his critics who question his visits to the houses of Dalits in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, he said people had wholeheartedly welcomed him. "When I go to their houses, they welcome and cuddle me and say you are the first politician who has come to meet us," Mr.. Gandhi said asking why his visits to the houses of the poor were being criticised.

"If one politician goes to a Dalit's house, you ask why do you go to a Dalit's house. When thousands of leaders do not visit Dalit houses, you do not ask them why do they not go."

"I go to a poor man's house. It is the media which say it is a Dalit or an Adivasi's house."

To queries about hierarchal system in politics, including of his lineage, the young Congress leader said "the hierarchal system exists. It is a reality. But, what is the option before me?

"I can either propagate the system or change it. I am not the one to propagate it so I am trying to change it. You do not like the system, even I do not like it. We have to work together to change it," he said.

The 39-year old Congress general secretary noted at one stage that the students were asking him "difficult" questions but said he was ready to answer them all.

yanks claim they're making progress against jihadis

sep 30th, 2009

hard to tell. yanks are hand-in-glove with ISI, and ISI = laskhar, ISI == taliban.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

despite smokescreen of 'arrest' of hafiz saeed, LET intact and intent on attacking india: nyt

sep 29th, 2009

while the spineless one runs around pardoning quattrochi.

talk of fiddling while rome is burning!

didn't the soon-to-be-sainted gladys staines 'pardon' everybody, too?

equally hypocritical gesture.

Israeli drive to prevent Jewish girls dating Arabs

sep 29th, 2009

israel takes characteristically firm action.

it is clear that this jihadi romeo bit is not an accident: it is premeditated demographic aggression intended to a) reduce the non-mohammedans' numbers, b) boost the numbers of mohammedans especially children, c) make available additional women for sex.

there were similar attempts in britain by mohammedans (british-born pakistanis) to target white high-school girls using drugs and money, with the end result of the girls being pushed into prostitution.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

Israeli drive to prevent Jewish girls dating Arabs

Jonathan Cook, Foreign Correspondent

  • Last Updated: September 25. 2009 1:57PM UAE / September 25. 2009 9:57AM GMT

NAZARETH // A local authority in Israel has announced that it is establishing a special team of youth counsellors and psychologists whose job it will be to identify young Jewish women who are dating Arab men and "rescue" them. 

The move by the municipality of Petah Tikva, a city close to Tel Aviv, is the latest in a series of separate – and little discussed – initiatives from official bodies, rabbis, private organisations and groups of Israeli residents to try to prevent interracial dating and marriage. 

In a related development, the Israeli media reported this month that residents of Pisgat Zeev, a large Jewish settlement in the midst of Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem, had formed a vigilante-style patrol to stop Arab men from mixing with local Jewish girls.

Hostility to intimate relationships developing across Israel's ethnic divide is shared by many Israeli Jews, who regard such behaviour as a threat to the state's Jewishness. One of the few polls on the subject, in 2007, found that more than half of Israeli Jews believed intermarriage should be equated with "national treason". 

Since the state's founding in 1948, analysts have noted, a series of legal and administrative measures have been taken by Israel to limit the possibilities of close links developing between Jewish and Arab citizens, the latter comprising a fifth of the population.

Largely segregated communities and separate education systems mean that there are few opportunities for young Arabs and Jews to become familiarised with each other. Even in the handful of "mixed cities", Arab residents are usually confined to separate neighbourhoods. 

In addition, civil marriage is banned in Israel, meaning that in the small number of cases where Jews and Arabs want to wed, they can do so only by leaving the country for a ceremony abroad. The marriage is recognised on the couple's return.

Dr Yuval Yonay, a sociologist at Haifa University, said the number of interracial marriages was "too small to be studied". "Separation between Jews and Arabs is so ingrained in Israeli society, it is surprising that anyone manages to escape these central controls."

The team in Petah Tikva, a Jewish city of 200,000 residents, was created in direct response to news that two Jewish girls, aged 17 and 19, were accompanying a group of young Arab men when they allegedly beat a Jewish man, Leonard Karp, to death last month on a Tel Aviv beach. The older girl was from Petah Tikva.

The girls' involvement with the Arab youths has revived general concern that a once-firm taboo against interracial dating is beginning to erode among some young people.

In sentiments widely shared, Mr Hakak, a spokesman for Petah Tikva municipality, said "Russian girls", young Jewish women whose parents arrived in Israel over the past two decades, since the former Soviet Union collapsed, were particularly vulnerable to the attention of Arab men. 

Dr Yonay said Russian women were less closed to the idea of relationships with Arab men because they "did not undergo the religious and Zionist education" to which more established Israeli Jews were subject.

Mr Hakak said the municipality had created a hotline that parents and friends of the Jewish women could use to inform on them. 

"We can't tell the girls what to do but we can send a psychologist to their home to offer them and their parents advice," he said. 

Motti Zaft, the deputy mayor, told the Ynet website that the municipality was also cracking down on city homeowners who illegally subdivide apartments to rent them cheaply to single Arab men looking for work in the Tel Aviv area. He estimated that several hundred Arab men had moved into the city as a result.

Petah Tikva's hostility to Arab men mixing with local Jewish women is shared by other communities. 

In Pisgat Zeev, a settlement of 40,000 Jews, some 35 Jewish men are reported to belong to a patrol known as "Fire for Judaism" that tries to stop interracial dating. 

Unusually for a settlement, Pisgat Zeev has attracted a tiny but growing population of Arab families, both from East Jerusalem and from inside Israel. Because Pisgat Zeev sits within Jerusalem's municipal borders, Arabs with Israeli residency rights can live there as long as Jewish settlers are willing to rent to them. 

One member, who identified himself as Moshe to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, said: "Our goal is to be in contact with these girls and try to explain to them the dangers of what they're getting themselves into. In the last 10 years, 60 girls from Pisgat Zeev have gone into [Palestinian] villages [in the West Bank]. And most of them aren't heard from after that."

He denied that violence or threats were used against Arab men.
Last year, the municipality of Kiryat Gat, a town of 50,000 Jews in southern Israel, launched a programme in schools to warn Jewish girls of the dangers of dating local Bedouin men. The girls were shown a video titled Sleeping with the Enemy, which describes mixed couples as an "unnatural phenomenon". 

Haim Shalom, head of the municipality's welfare department, is filmed saying: "The girls, in their innocence, go with the exploitative Arab." 

In 2004, posters sprang up all over the northern town of Safed warning Jewish women that dating Arab men would lead to "beatings, hard drugs, prostitution and crime". 
Safed's chief rabbi, Shmuel Eliyahu, told a local newspaper that the "seducing" of Jewish girls was "another form of war" by Arab men. 

Both Kiryat Gat and Safed's campaigns were supported by a religious organisation called Yad L'achim, which runs an anti-assimilation team publicly dedicated to "saving" Jewish women. 

According to its website, the organisation receives more than 100 calls a month about Jewish women living with Arab men, both in Israel and the West Bank. It launches "military-like rescues [of the women] from hostile Arab villages" in co-ordination with the police and army. 

"The Jewish soul is a precious, all-too-rare resource, and we are not prepared to give up on even a single one," says the website.

jihadi romeos in britain

sep 29th, 2009

thx to

Demographic warfare rt
Luring girls, esp. Hindu and Sikh, to Islam under police scanner in Britain

despite white people and kkkangress ruling india, indians feel good about their country!

sep 29th, 2009

it is, after all, the best country in the world. but wait till the italians and the rest of the kkkangress have absolute monarchy over it for a few more years.

Sandeep Pandey of ASHA bats for Jihadi terrorists - again

The same old story being re-enacted, with the same old shady characters. Sandeep Pandey of "ASHA for education" is particularly notorious for his history of advocacy on behalf of Jihadi as well as Maoist terrorists.

(By the way, why is nobody in the Indian media morally outraged by the "Mixing of Education with Seditious politics"? Or does the IIT alumnus and member of the "eminent persons" brigade have some kind of privilege to do this?)

For this traitor, every terrorist enemy of the nation eliminated translates into a "false encounter", a "human rights violation".
Every single action by security forces against Jihadi scumbags, therefore is
"detrimental to the unity and brotherhood between the communities".

An atrocious hypothesis, typical of the brainwashed useful idiot, that we're all too familiar with. In fact, I would expect a large number of Indian Muslims to NOT identify themselves with seditious Jihadi terrorists.

Note the repetitive usage of familiar pseudo-liberal code words:
"Human rights", "Peace", "Brotherhood"

Azamgarh (UP): On the first anniversary of the Batla house encounter in Delhi in which two persons hailing from the district were killed, a protest dharna was organised here today demanding a judicial inquiry into the incident.

Led by Magsaysay award winner Sandeep Pandey, activists of Peoples Union for Civil Liberties and Sanjarpur Sangharsh Seva Samiti staged a dharna near the collectorate.

Pandey alleged that innocent people were being killed in the name of encounters and Muslims in large numbers harassed, forcing the community to raise questions on the system which was detrimental to the unity and brotherhood between the communities.

Kaangress fields Christist candidates after John Dayal makes some noise

So, even the fig leaf of sham "secularism" is off now. Christist godmen are
openly dictating to the KKKaangress in matters of daily governance and even party candidate selection. Here's the scoop on John Dayal coaxing the Kaangress to field christists in the Maharashtra assembly elections. Looks like christists have reached critical mass even in Maharashtra and the Vatican has made a decision to dispense with the
false act of "social service" etc. Therefore, there is no shame anymore in open involvement in affairs of governance and electoral politics.

Will the Indian electronic media and the English Language tabloids articulate their righteous indignation about "mixing religion with politics"? Don't hold your breath. Apparently, it is OK for rabid christist evangelicals to interfere in governance, politics etc, because they're merely following a Papal directive, don't you get it? The fake outrage, loud and orchestrated opprobrium is reserved for Hindus and Hindu nationalists if they dare utter a single word about deprivation of basic human rights to Hindus in "SECULAR" India.

1412 hectares of forest land for Samuel's memorial

Unbelievable. But, since the TOIlet paper says so, it must be true.
So, the late lamented "dear leader" - when alive, grabs thousands of acres of land from impoverished, destitute farmers and accomplishes mass conversions of the dispossessed under duress. Now after the "dear leader" meets his maker (Amen), his sycophants want to grab thousands of acres of forest land to construct a memorial for their "dear leader", depriving even the animals and birds of their home!

I recall reading an article about some christist godman stating the imperative for soul harvesting even on other planets. Wonder if the bereaved christists want to dispossess, then baptise the homeless animals! Sound strange? Well, stranger things have happened in the history of these binary death cults. Like this query by one adherent of the "Religion of Peace" to a head Mullah - as to whether Shariah permits slaughter of Mermaids for food and the Mullah's response that Mermaids would be considered "Halal".

News item from the TOILet paper:

HYDERABAD: In perhaps the largest memorial ever dedicated to a political leader in the country, the state cabinet on Thursday decided to alienate
1,412 hectares of forest land in Kurnool district and erect a YSR Smrithi Vanam. Apart from the memorial at the helicopter crash site, another one is to be identified in the state capital.......

A partial list Samuel Reddy's financial assets

By the way, I personally have no way of verifying the information below. However, it must be true - given the unsavoury track record of the late lamented "dear leader". The burden of disproving it lies with Samuel's supporters. RIP Samuel (sic).

From: Ram N.
Subject: FW: Economical History of Y Rajsekhar Reddy and his family

A partial list of their assets
Oops, Poor YSR Family , How they survive from this global melt down.
"God bless them."

Subject: Econamical History of YSR .....

Assets gained by YS in his 5 years as Chief Minister

• Raheja Corporation land allocation for Infrastructure ( 200
acres in first phase and 300 acres in second phase)- CM’s son gets
50 percent share

• 500 acres in the 1000 acres allocation to Gangavaram port

• Brahmani Steels investment – Rs.40,000 crore - CM’s son gets 50
percent stake

• Indu and Brahmani Infotech companies get 250 acres with 50
percent stake to CM’s son.

• Rs.3500 crore investment for a six million tones Cement
factory at Kamalapuram in Kadapa district.

• Rs.6000 crore Hydro electric project -1200 MW in Sikkim - CM
son gets 50 per cent stake

• 1000 acres bought in and around Bangalore - land cost
Rs.Three crore per acre.

• Rs.250 crore commercial complex on Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore

• 25 acres land in Hyderabad, Kukkapally Housing Board location.

• 90 acres in benami bought in IT corridor area of Gacchibowli .

• 151 acres of granite mining lands in Prakasam district
,Cheemakurthi ( world famous for its black and gold granite stone )
in benami company ( Gimpex ).

• Mauritius shell companies 2 I Capital , Flury Emerging Capital
purchase 125 crore worth shares in Sandur Power Ltd –

• Benami subsidiaries : Bhagavat Sannidhi, Carmel Asia Holdings,
Harish Infra, Classic Realty, Janani Infra,Marvel Infra ,Silicon
Builders, Capstain Infra, Shalome Infra, Inspire Hotels

• Purchase of Assigned lands -1000 acres in Kandur village and
500 acres in Chitwel village of Kadapa district .

• Sakshi , newspaper with CM’s son as chairman with investment of
Rs.600 crore.
1. - 40 companies from Kolkatta, Gujarat, Chennai, Bangalore,
Maharashtra invest in Sakshi venture
2. Such unheard of investments from all over India in a Telugu
news paper venture .
3. Two investors in Sakshi - Artilians Bioinnovations and
Stocknet International listed in global stock markets- the share
priced at less than Rs. One and promoters stake only 0.3 percent
4. But both companies pay premium of Rs.350 for Sakshi scrips .
5. All companies which invested in Sakshi and Jagati publications
get Government projects – Vanpic,SEZ,Mining licenses.
6. Price Waterhouse Cooper ( PwC) of Satyam Computers Scam fame
are auditors of Jagati Publications.
7. PwC certifies that Sakshi has a circulation of 12 lakhs daily
to beget Govt Ads .
8. AP Govt giving Ads to Sakshi without ABC certificates.

• CM’s son has 50 percent stake in Rs.1200 crore 3000 MW power
project in Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the AP Genco and
M/s Athena Power energy and Ventures pvt Ltd .
• Tandla Solutions , another benami unit of CM’s son purchased
250 acres in Ranga Reddy district with an investment of Rs.500 crore.

Illegal occupation of thousands of acres in Kadapa District

• Though owned only 120 acres in Idupulapaya Estate CM family
grabbed over 1000 acres and built a compound wall .All these
lands belonged to assigned lands of poor, tank bed lands, temple
lands, forest lands and even roads .

• 1000 acres in Kondur village and 500 acres in Chitwel village
in illegal occupation of CM’s family.

• Bungalow constructed at Pulivendula over 5 acres land at a
cost of Rs.Three crore.

Y.S.Vivekananda Reddy

• Chief Ministers brother and MP from Kadapa constructed a
complex over 2000 sq yard land in front of Hitech City in
Madhapur worth Rs.25 crore belonging to Ghatkesar Gurukul Trust
and rented to a software company .

Y V Subba Reddy
• Buillt a Hydro project on Tungabhadra river near Rajolibanda
diversion location and affected drinking water source for
Mahbubnagar district .
• Encroached 1000 sq yards of Jublee enclave of Jaibheri in
the name of Swarnalatha Reddy and illegal lay out approved over
surplus land declared .
YSR brother Sudhikar Reddy ( son-in-law of C C Reddy , Govt Advisor)

• He is a partner in a project for mining Illuminate mineral
extraction from beach sand in North coastal Andhra coast in
collaboration with an Switzerland company Bothlitrade Inc .

B. Yuvaraj Reddy (YS cousin)

• Reports of embezzlement of Rs. 2.60 Crore in the Yuvraj Chit funds
by Yuvraj Reddy.

Ravindranath Reddy, brother-in law of YS

• Tried to grab farm lands in Denduluru village of West Godavari
district in the name of setting up a fertilizer factory .
• He was instrumental in getting the irrigation contract of
Sarvarayasagar-Vamikonda -Galeru nagari second phase works to
IVRCL through Gamon India ltd.
• Encroached 3084 sq.ds of land in Survey No 67 of Madhapur ( IT
corridor ) , regularization as land of Kothaguda instead of

CM’s relatives (Biradari)

• Four acres of land worth Rs. 50 crore in Pokkalavada of
Manikonda in Rajendranagar Mandal of R R District given to close
relatives of YS in the name of Genus Sajarath Ministries for
setting up a Orphanage and Old age home, prayer hall and
recreation at a lease of just Rs. 40,000 per annum for 33 years .
• Relatives Y S Madhusudhan Reddy, Venugopal Reddy , Pratap Reddy
grab 3.15 acres of land valued at Rs.15 crore in survey no
682/4.684/4, 700/2 near S V Subba Reddy college in Kadapa town

Outer ring Road scam

• Bharati Reddy ( wife of CM’s elder brother )
1. Bought 8.35 acres in Kolluru in 2005 September in survey
no 148 and paid Rs.35.5 lakhs but now valued at Rs.13 crore.

• Y V Subba Reddy – Relative
1. Two acres ( survey no 25 ) in Osman sagar
2. 68.8 acres in Survey No- 117,119,121,122,123,124,125,126,
131.132.134,136,141 . Land valued at Rs.20 crore when closer to the
ring road but now valued at Rs.125 crore after alignment of the
Ring Road altered to benefit them .
• Ramasubbamma ( Another close relative)

She bought 3.28 acres in Kolluru Survey No-194/B and paid just
Rs.22.20 lakhs but today valued at Rs. Six crore.


Same story in Visakha Pharma city

• Parthasarathy Reddy, chairman of Hetero Drugs is a close
associate of Chief Minister.
• Hetero Drugs could get land in Visakha Pharma city and Jedcherla
Formulations SEZ at throw away prices .
• Hetero drugs later within days invested Rs.13 crores in the
Jagati publications enterprise of CM’s son .

Ramky gets cheap land

• Aeros Project , a subsidiary of Ramky an IT company also
invested Rs 7.77 crore in the Jagati Publications.
• Ramky got favors from the Government in various forms. Given
land allocations in Visakha Pharma city , exempted from land taxes
in the lands near Shamshabad airport . Got 19 acres from Housing
board for throw away price .Blessings of the Govt in its real
estate business.

Jedcherla to Jagati

• Another pharma company that benefited from investment in Jagati
is Arabindo Pharma .
• The Trident Life Sciences , a subsidiary of Arabindo Pharma
invested Rs.6.8 crore in Jagati publications.
• In turn it could get the Jedcherla formulations SEZ .
• Hetero drugs and Arabindo pharma are managing the Jedcherla SEZ.

Nadargul operators in Jagati:

• Potluri Hariprasad, the key architect in Nadargul land scandal
has also invested Rs.48.61 crore in the Jagati publications .
• Bogus companies and benami individuals mortgaged the lands of
Nadargul for a loan of Rs.800 crore.

Cement Syndicate:

• AP government favored Dalmia Cements, India Cements and Penna
Cements to sell cement at Rs. 200 per bag in turn for their
investments in Jagati Publications.

Monday, September 28, 2009

a new piece of pseudo-science, much like AIT: global warming due to farming

sep 28th, 2009

thanks to @chellaney

new pseudo-science hypothesis, like 'aryan' invasion garbage: "farming causes global warming". thapar/witzel will agree.

egyptian mohammedans kill all the pigs. consequences?

sep 28th, 2009

well, probably the plague.

the consequences of the slaughter of pigs in egypt by mohdan fundies. RT @hitchbitch hitchens in slate

why are mohdans so anti-pig, anti-dog, etc? if pigs are so evil, does it mean their god allah did not create pigs? if so, doesn't that make allah a limited god, one who can only make so many things, others are left to someone else? is that why allah is such a jealous, tribal god, like yhwh for the christists? a lesser god, obviously.

i have never understood the theology behind how mohdans explain away the fact that pigs and dogs exist, in direct contravention of their god's (and mohammed's) wishes. if allah can't even get rid of pigs, how does he expect to get rid of infidels?

obviously not james 'let me hug a taliban tonight' astill's work

sep 29th, 2009

economist runs good set of stories on high positive impact of dev country telecoms, lauds innovative 'indian model'.

the origins of 'the goddess slaying the buffalo demon'

sep 28th, 2009

this is one of the oldest memes from india, and is found in the indus-sarasvati civilization.

a fine example of the goddess slaying the demon is in one of mahabalipuram's temples near the 'descent of the ganges'.

it is particularly appropriate today, as the spirit of india (the goddess) needs to slay the buffalo demons of the semitic cults of christism, mohammedanism and communism. interesting that the buffalo is traditionally portrayed in green, isn't it?

kanchan's photo from twitter:

and an interesting example of a mohammedan female doing some slaying of demons herself:

laxmanananda sarasvati was killed by christists: top cop

sep 28th, 2009

Happy Ayudha Puja!

The Pandavas & Kauravas used to worship their weapons of choice during Ayudha Puja & even at other times.
Bharatvarsha needs true Kshatriyas like Narendra Modi now more than ever.
Thanks to Kanchan Gupta for the pictures from twitter.

italian sacred cow was silent about violation of hindu human rights in her home country

sep 27th, 2009

india's own italian sacred cow (thanks to shashi tharoor's tweet) (and her 'baba') were totally silent about this. 

why not cancel christmas next year in india? oh no, that would be 'minority rights'. but hindus wherever they are, majority or minority, have no rights. in fact, christist terrorists have canceled durga puja in parts of the northeast at the point of an AK-47 in years past. 

ram narayan asks a very pertinent question. where is the busybody USCIRF now?

or for that matter susan arundhati? or shabana? or any of the other sob-sisters?

or prannoy peter? or b g verghese? or t n ninan? or pamela philipose? all the many christists in the indian ELM were very thunderously silent. implication: their loyalties are to ratzy, not to india. in that case, they should emulate their alleged savior the fictional jesus, and walk across the water (in this case the arabian sea) to their holy land [sic] aka the stinking desert of west asia.

silent were all the godman and other louts like john dayal and sajan george, who constantly whine about their rights in semitic-dominated india.

so were all the comrades. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ram Narayanan <>
Date: Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 2:57 AM
Subject: Religious intolerance of Italy

Will the USCIRF take note of this report and and initiate suitable action?
Ram Narayanan
In Rome, Durga is not welcome

Kanchan Gupta

What does it mean to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome? It means to be humiliated, harassed and hounded by city officials who happen to be pious Christians. Alright, I could be utterly wrong in presuming they are pious since I have no independent confirmation of their piety or otherwise. But let's get back to the question with which I began. Late Thursday night I was at the park near my house where the local Bengalis organise Durga Puja every year. It's a raucous celebration of faith and culture. The food stalls are invariably hugely popular and there I was with my nine-year-old daughter, standing in a queue for kathi rolls. After what seemed like an interminable wait, it was our turn to be served. Just then my BlackBerry beeped. Balancing the piping hot rolls, dripping oil, tomato ketchup, green chilli sauce and lemon juice, in one hand, I tried to read the e-mail on my handset.

No luck. I got shoved around, nearly dropped both rolls and my phone, and decided to let the e-mail wait. Later, away from the crowd, I checked the e-mail and it was a fascinating story. Since the identity of the person who had sent the mail is not really relevant, let me reproduce the text: "The Municipal Police authorities of Rome have today withdrawn permission, granted three weeks ago, to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome. The cancellation came a few hours before the Ambassador of India was scheduled to inaugurate the Puja at 8 pm local time. No acceptable explanation has been given. This has caused the local Indian community the loss of thousands of Euros spent in preparatory arrangements. The same thing was done in the same manner in 2008 also. Please monitor developments."

Now that's awful, I told myself, here I am having kathi rolls and there they can't even celebrate their own festival. On Friday, I called a friend in Rome who provided me with the latest details. Our Ambassador, Mr Arif Shahid Khan, a feisty man who has in the past taken up the issue of Sikhs being forced to take off their turbans at Italian airports, campaigned throughout the day, calling up officials, including the Mayor of Rome, and contacting members of the 'Friends of India' group in the Italian Parliament, arguing with them why permission for the Puja should be restored. By evening, the authorities had reversed their order and permission was granted to celebrate Durga Puja, which will now begin on Saturday, Ashtami — a full 48 hours behind schedule. Provided, of course, there is no last minute cancellation, as it happened on Thursday. Mr Khan will inaugurate the Puja, an honour he richly deserves.

The story behind the cancellation needs to be told, if only to point out that Christian countries in the West, whose Governments so blithely criticise the 'lack' of 'religious freedom' in India, have no compunctions about trampling on Hindu sentiments at home. After last year's experience, when permission for celebrating Durga Puja in Rome was abruptly withdrawn by officials who cited specious reasons to justify their grossly unfair decision, the organisers, led by Mr Rajesh Sahani, a Sindhi from Kolkata who speaks flawless Bengali, took ample precautions this year. They were given permission to organise the Puja at Parko Centocelle, a public park on Via Cailina, Torpignattara. Three weeks ago, permission was granted for the Puja at the park and necessary formalities were completed.

Early this past week, the Puja organisers were told they could not use the park as a crime had been committed there and the location posed security-related problems. The organisers agreed to change the venue. Another park was selected, permission was given to celebrate Durga Puja there, and the preparations began all over again in right earnest. Then, like a bolt from the blue, at 4 pm on Thursday came the withdrawal of permission by the Municipal Police. The organisers were bluntly told to pack up and leave hours before Durga Puja was scheduled to begin with Akal Bodhon in the evening. Why? No reason was proffered.

Some officials are believed to have told the organisers that the cancellation of permission at the eleventh hour, both last year and this year, was meant to be "retaliatory action against the persecution of Christians in India". It may be recalled that the President of Italy, Mr Giorgio Napoletano, has been vociferous in demanding that Europe should do more in support of Christians in India and to help them 'affirm their right to religious freedom'. The Government of Italy has in the past summoned the Ambassador of India to convey to him that it has "deep concern and sensitivity for the ongoing inter-religious violence... that has caused the death of many Christians." The Pope has been no less harsh in denouncing India.

There could be another reason, apart from its "deep concern" about the welfare of Christians in India, for Italy's callous disregard of the sentiments of Hindus in that country. Although the Italian Constitution guarantees religious freedom, under the Lateran Treaty with the Vatican, Italy recognises only the three religions of Semitic origin — Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All other religions are no more than paganism and are to be shamed and shunned. The Vatican would not countenance any open breach of the Lateran Treaty; Italy would not want to be seen as recognising Hinduism.

"It's only natural that Italy should have a surfeit of churches. But it's the rejection of any other faith than Christianity, Judaism and Islam that explains why there are so many mosques but virtually no temples in Italy although this country has a large Hindu expatriate population," my friend told me while regretting the attitude of the Government and the local authorities. According to him, there are only three temples in Italy: One in a garage in Venice; another at Frescolo and the third at Reggio Emilia. These survive at the mercy of local zoning officials.

But for Mr Arif Shahid Khan's pro-active involvement — most Ambassadors tend to stay aloof from community affairs — this year too there would have been no Durga Puja in Rome. Indians in Italy owe him a debt of gratitude. So do Bangladeshis who are equal participants in this annual celebration of dharma's victory over adharma, of the triumph of good over evil. Cultural and linguistic affinities unite Bengalis, irrespective of whether they are from the west or east of Padma, during this autumnal festival celebrated around the world.

Meanwhile, let's not get carried away by the West's bilious and bogus criticism of 'lackof' religious freedom in India and indulge in self-flagellation. Let the West look at its own ugly, septic warts. If Christians can celebrate Christmas in New Delhi, Hindus have the right to celebrate Durga Puja in Rome. This is non-negotiable.

-- Follow the writer on: Blog on this and other issues at Write to him at


happy dasara/navaratri/durga puja to all!

sep 27th, 2009

i do hope you have been worshiping your weapons, whatever they are. i was off the air because i guess i consider the computer my 'ayudham' and hence refrained from using it for 24 hours.

also, happy vidyarambham for all the little tykes out there (i guess they should be at least 2.5 years old to be initiated).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

stanford: ARTIST JATIN DAS, Thursday Oct. 1

sep 27th, 2009

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Linda Hess

The Center for South Asia at Stanford University presents

Renowned Indian Artist 
Jatin Das

giving an illustrated lecture on his own art

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Refreshments at 6:30, talk at 7 p.m.
Cummings Art Building, Room 4 (lower level)

Special Guest: Susmita G. Thomas
Consul General of India, San Francisco

Located on Lasuen Mall between Main Quad and Hoover Tower
map:  Search "Cummings Art building."  

(see attached poster for more info)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

ISRO Buoyed by Moon Water Find

ISRO is now soaring higher than ever, reports Time Magazine, after the Chandrayaan-1 mission's discovery of water on the Moon.

As a result of this historic revelation, ISRO will now be making changes to the upcoming Chandrayaan-2 mission in order to follow up on mystery of lunar water and to further investigate it.

India will now be including its own smaller indigenously-made lunar rover on the mission, alongside the Russian rover that was planned. Abdul Kalam, who conceived of the Moon Impact Probe that brought India's flag down onto the Moon, also has further ideas about searching for water underground.

edakkal caves in kerala shows sindu-sarasvati type sign

sep 26th, 2009

you mean the 'aryan' tourists actually reached as far as kerala, no doubt to enjoy the legendary charms of kerala women :-), and they were given tourist visas locally (or was it missionary visas)?

i have to head to the ancient edakkal caves one of these days, just as i keep promising myself i'll go to bhimbetka.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Arabs bear brunt of gene disorders

sep 25th, 2009

marriages between closely related people leads to genetic damage due to inbreeding, or so it is believed.

maybe there is yet hope that the arabs will die out :-) but then they have cleverly induced arab-wannabe-ness in afghans, pakis, malays, indonesians et al. from that point of view, mohammedanism, in addition to being an expression of arab imperialism, is also like a virus that infects people.

of course, christism is a similar virus of white imperialism.

and communism is a similar virus of chinese imperialism.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Shahryar

Arabs bear brunt of gene disorders

Rasha Elass

  • Last Updated: September 22. 2009 2:17PM UAE / September 22. 2009 10:17AM GMT

DUBAI // Arabs suffer from one of the highest rates of genetic disease in the world, according to a research institute. 

Some 906 genetic disorders have been identified in Arabs and their descendants, reports the Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS), and about 200 of those are prevalent among Arabs in the GCC alone.

It warns that the problem will require research and collaboration among medical communities.

In the UAE, 241 disorders have been identified in Arab citizens and expatriates combined, making the incidence in this country the second-highest in the Arab world after Oman; 119 genetic disorders are specific to Emiratis.

These figures are thought likely to rise, too, as researchers discover new disorders in the Arab world and record them in a database being developed by the CAGS. 

The centre, funded by the Sheikh Hamdan Award for Medical Sciences, has completed studies of Bahrain, Oman and the UAE.

It plans to compile extensive data on genetic disorders in every Arab country to help pave the way for treatment and prevention-based health policies in the region.

Patients are defined as Arab if they are of Arab ancestry, whether on the maternal or paternal side and regardless of where they happen to live. Countries such as Brazil, Canada and France, for example, have large Arab communities.

"Why build this database? It gives us a bird's-eye view of each country on genetic diseases. Some are epidemic and some very rare," said Dr Ghazi Tadmouri, the assistant director of the CAGS.

Several common diseases in the UAE, Oman and Bahrain have reached epidemic levels – more than 100 cases per 100,000. 

They include thalassaemia (a blood disorder), diabetes, breast cancer and Down's syndrome. Less common genetic disorders in the Emirates include muscular dystrophy and kidney disease.

About 63 per cent of the genetic conditions in Arab populations are due mostly to marriage between close relatives such as first cousins, clinically known as consanguinity.

Such marriages, deeply ingrained in Arab culture, are on the rise in the UAE, where the rate is the fifth-highest in the Arab world. 

In Dubai, 40 per cent of marriages are between relatives, according to the latest statistics. In Al Ain that figure reaches 54 per cent, and in Abu Dhabi 32 per cent.

Across the Arab world, Sudan and Mauritania have the highest rates, amounting to two-thirds of all marriages. However, consanguinity is on the decline in, for example, Egypt and Tunisia.

The good news is that more than half the genetic disorders in Arab populations are the result of a defect in only one gene, which means it would be relatively easy to screen for such a gene and to prevent or treat the disorder.

However, Dr Tadmouri said there were no national projects aimed at controlling genetic disorders in most Arab countries. 

Pre-natal detection of disease should be more available, he said, while early diagnosis was essential in treating many disorders. Other preventive measures included screening potential spouses for defective recessive genes.

"It is becoming mandatory to do basic screening for thalassaemia and other diseases before marriage," Dr Tadmouri said.

He called on medical professionals in Arab countries to keep track of genetic disorders. When he first started compiling data for the centre's database in 2004, he found there were many genetic disorders in the UAE that were not documented..

"There's little or no incentive for doctors here to keep track of such data from their patients," he said.

"We're hoping that the western educational establishments that are opening here will go beyond teaching a few disciplines here and there.

"We're hoping they will establish real academic institutions and build a vibrant academic atmosphere in the medical sciences. 

"That's what the Arab world needs to overcome genetic disorders."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Passage to India

sep 24th, 2009
a little late in the day, stanford discovers north india's 'golden triangle' :-)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Stanford Travel/Study
For reservations and information, please call: (650) 725-1093
Stanford Travel/Study: Northern India College - February 4 to 19, 2010
Dear GSB Alum,

Join Stanford Travel/Study this February on a program designed specifically for Stanford's GSB alumni community. Learn about India's past, present and future in the company of George Parker, MBA '62, PhD '67, and amid the luxury of the new deluxe train, the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.

Join us!

Brett S. Thompson, '83 -- Director, Stanford Travel/Study
Stanford Alumni Association
Travel/Study: Northern India College - February 4 to 19, 2010
In-Depth Insights - Faculty leader George Parker teams up with our expert local guides and guest speakers to unveil India's historical legacy and its transition to a modern economy and democracy.

Tigers, Temples and Forts - From the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra and the rose-pink Palace of the Winds in Jaipur to the rich wildlife of Keoladeo Ghana National Park, once the private hunting reserve of the Maharajas, experience the best of this wonderfully diverse country.

Travel the Stanford Way - Our focus on education ensures you learn a great deal while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow Stanford alumni, and we take care of all the details to ensure you have a worry-free experience.

Travel/Study: Northern India College - February 4 to 19, 2010
Tell a friend about this trip
Space on this College is limited to 40 travelers, and programs fill quickly. Reservations are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Place your $1,000-per-person deposit online or contact Stanford Travel/Study to reserve space. Single occupancy space is limited.
To make your reservation or request more information:
Call: (650) 725-1093
Stanford Travel/Study provides travelers with exceptional educational travel. Serving Stanford alumni and friends each year with destinations to over 60 countries, Stanford Travel/Study provides unique access to preeminent Stanford faculty and scholars, local experts and extraordinary venues. Our first-rate staff meticulously manage each trip to ensure the highest quality, while travelers enjoy the superb company of fellow Stanford alumni and friends. Trip offerings include Active Adventures, Classic Journeys, Explorations by Land and Family Adventures.
Stanford Alumni AssociationStanford Travel/Study is a program of the Stanford Alumni Association.

If you are encountering difficulties with the above email, contact Customer Service. You may also email or call toll free, 1-866-543-0243 (International: +1(650) 724-0627).

gujarat to host world's largest solar energy plant?

sep 24th, 2009

RT @offstumped

contrary to supporting 'aryan' invasion fairytale, the researchers are saying it's a myth

sep 24th, 2009

i still think it's not a statistically valid study, because of the tiny numbers and the many groups -- 15 groups studied and labelled 'dravidian' etc. according to the physorg report san posted. so they have studied only like 10 individuals/group, which seems prone to error.

anyway, here are the researchers categorically denying 'aryan' invasion garbage. sorry san, you were too hasty to claim this supported the 'aryan' bullshit -- that was your interpolation, and was not in the report. in fact, they are saying here that it may have been 'out of india', ie. oppenheimer's and kilvisid's theory that europeans were derived from indians moving northwest, which would explain any genetic similarity. fine turnabout, that: darn whites are just mutant (explains pale skin and funny colored eyes/hair) indians!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ganesh


You and your readers may want to read this one published few minutes ago


Water on the moon : Chandrayaan-1

A surprising amount of water has been found to exist in the Moon's soil.

Chandrayaan-1 traces water on moon

..."I am really very happy to know that the NASA payload on Chandrayaan-1 has traced water. If it is true then it will pave the way for growing vegetation in moon surface in five or 10 years from now," renowned scientist Y S Rajan said...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

atlantist archly suggests genocide of poor nonwhites: for environment

sep 23rd, 2009

but then isn't it true that 1 yank = 35x more environmentally damaging than 1 indian?

so you'd have to kill 35 times more yanks as indians to reduce environmental damage by the same amount!

new yorker on why us should stay on in afghan -- for india

sep 23rd, 2009

now that's an argument that's definitely not going to cut any ice with barack hussein obama.

or for that matter with manmohan "this country's resources are first for mohammedans" singh.

upa to US: suck up to taliban, this story buried by entire indian media except pioneer

sep 23rd, 2009

other than the pioneer, the entire ELM has been totally quiet about this complete surrender to mohammedan interests by the UPA.

in malayalam, reports of girls succumbing to mohammedan romeos

sep 21st, 2009

here are the headlines and a few sentences from these news reports:

1. romance, couples, victims

kottayam: this hindu nair girl from trivandrum, a rank-holder in post-graduate studies from kerala university, did not elope with a mohammedan butcher boy purely on a whim. even though she tried to evade him many times, this educated, affluent girl was trapped in his romantic web through sheer persistence.

when she abandoned her family after a brief 'romance', she dreamt of a happy life with the young man. however, once she was deposited at a secret center for islamic studies, she never even saw the young man once.


it is the lashkar-e-toiba from pakistan that is training young men for this 'love jihad'. after training in pakistan, these romeos have been using a center in meerut for their activities in northern india in 1996-98. the 'holy war' reached bangalore and mangalore in 2004, and kerala in 2006. kerala turns out to be fertile ground for these fundamentalists.

... even though the initial victims were students, now the love jihadis have expanded their scope to housewives and working women. a nursery school teacher in mangalore was lured by the promise of increased wages, which the school agreed to as well. another young woman and her three small children were lured to ponnani [the center of conversion in kerala] by her neighbors, three young men who promised her a job.

... [much deleted]

a student from the regional engineering college, calicut, was lured to a 'yathim-khana' for conversion by sadiq, who met her in an internet center. once she was converted, sadiq disappeared. the maulvi and his assistants at the yathim-khana sexually assaulted the girl for several months before she escaped and was hospitalized in mangalore.


a brahmin girl, an engineering student from coimbatore, was lured to bangalore by another jihadi youngster and converted and married. however, on her supposed wedding night, she was taken to a hotel and shared among six or seven men in their thirties and forties. after seven days of continuous sexual assault, she escaped after a message from a waiter's cellphone. mentally unbalanced, she is now undergoing psychiatric care.

... deleted

2. entrapment using female jihadis as well

a girl only has to go to a mobile recharge shop to add minutes to her phone; within minutes she is added to the list of potential victims. there are a number of mobile recharge shops in major towns that specialize in harvesting girls' numbers for love jihad...


once the love jihadi gets the girl's number, she can expect an SMS or a call the next night. then it becomes a habit. even if the girl tries to fend the man off, he is trained to seduce her on the phone, so much so that she eventually begins to await the call. when he adds a little sexual innuendo, she is likely to get even more interested.

school and college students, employed women, IT professionals etc are the main targets. one group does the research about the most vulnerable easy prey amongst hindu and christist women in schools and colleges, and another group of flashy young men make the actual advances. given the opportunity to interact with women, have sex, and get to lead an affluent life via payments, a lot of young mohammedan men are volunteering for this now.

... deleted

3. heart-breaking numbers

... deleted

the victimized girls are taken to conversion centers and their paramours disappear. after weeks of 'breaking in' through continuous rapes, they are 'processed' and sent abroad to staff brothels. ...

recent raids in brothels in cochin and calicut have revealed that a large number of the mohammedan girls found there were converted hindu or christist girls who had been lured to bangalore and mangalore.

since 2006, 2976 women have been known to be converted by jihadi romeos. the table gives the details:

district, incidents, those in which cases have been registered, number of women rescued

trivandrum, 216, 16, 6
kasargod, 596, 123, 69


those who do a good job of conversion are honored and rewarded. former student of the calicut law college, jahangir razak, is said to have bagged 42 girls.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rajesh

It is time up.

Eslamic terrorism as love romios are in the field with full strength.

See the attached files

Also Read

Indian Inbreeding, Genetic Risks, Aryan Invasion Theory

Medical research results show a particular genetic past that has resulted in unique genetic risks specific to an unmixed tribal-dominated society:
The researchers' work also has surprising and important medical implications. They discovered that many groups in modern India descend from a small number of founding individuals, and have since been genetically isolated from other groups. In scientific parlance this is called a "founder event."

"The finding that a large proportion of modern Indians descend from founder events means that India is genetically not a single large population, but instead is best described as many smaller isolated populations," said Singh. Thangaraj continued, "The widespread history of founder events helps explain why the incidence of genetic diseases among Indians is different from the rest of the world."

Founder events in other groups, such as Finns and Ashkenazi Jews, are well known to increase the incidence of recessive genetic diseases, and the new study predicts that the same will be true for many groups in India. "It is important to carry out a systematic survey of Indian groups to identify which ones descend from the strongest founder events," said Reich. "Further studies of these groups should lead to the rapid discovery of genes that cause devastating diseases, and will help in the clinical care of individuals and their families who are at risk."


To shed light on genetic variability across the Indian subcontinent, the research team analyzed more than 500,000 genetic markers across the genomes of 132 individuals from 25 diverse groups, representing 13 states, all six language families, traditionally "upper" and "lower" castes, and tribal groups.

These genomic analyses revealed two ancestral populations. "Different Indian groups have inherited forty to eighty percent of their ancestry from a population that we call the Ancestral North Indians who are related to western Eurasians, and the rest from the Ancestral South Indians, who are not related to any group outside India," said co-author David Reich, an associate professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and an associate member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.
On the other hand, it validates the Aryan Invasion Theory, that says invaders came down from the north into the subcontinent, which was already inhabited.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Has Chandrayaan Found Water on the Moon?

In a media conference scheduled at 2pm EST tomorrow (Thursday), Dr Carle Pieters plans to make a major announcement about findings from the Chandrayaan-1 mission. She is the principal investigator for the M3 (Moon Minerology Mapper) instrument supplied by NASA. The rumour is that they have discovered the telltale signs of minerals which can only exist in the presence of water.

At the same time, NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has also found neutron signatures corresponding to large amounts of hydrogen in various places on the Moon, including below its surface. If the findings are true, that would make India part of the most momentous discovery in the entire history of space missions.

If large amounts of water do exist on the Moon, it would certainly facilitate the prospect of lunar colonization, as well as the possibility for opening up the rest of the solar system to manned exploration by using the Moon as an intermediary staging base.

It's also nice to see such a great bonanza come from the first joint cooperation between ISRO and NASA.

As I've said before - there are countries which strive to put the Moon on their flag, and then there are countries which strive to put their flag on the Moon. It's good to see countries of the latter type pushing forward the boundaries of human progress. Because of this, one day our great-great-great grandchildren might be living on the Moon or Mars.

navaratri greetings to all

Richard Dawkins on Mohammedanism

sep 22nd, 2009

the famously atheistic author of 'the blind watchmaker' and 'the god delusion' takes on mohammedans, and by the same token, christists, for their blind dogma.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arvind

Dawkins argues with a Mullah and corners him by asking him to state the punishment for apostasy in Islam. Do not stop watching after the first few seconds because Dawkins gets to speak again after others get their chance:

In another video, Dawkins says, "I regard Islam as one of the evils in the world."

is shekhar gupta a fifth-columnist?

sep 22nd, 2009

remember he's the guy who promised mushy that he and friends would topple the bjp? and he's also the guy who said the bombay train blasts were ok because the targets were middle-class gujaratis. now he's trashing the sacred memory of the Last Stand of 13th Kumaon. see my column on this:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A P

 i think that shekhar gupta is over-optimistic.
he has not taken into account the control of nepal by maoists, the vertical maoist belt upto andhra ripping india vertically, nuclear weapons in tibet and the pakistani/jihadi support if and when china starts its next invasion. the battle will be fought on many fronts and common citizens will be involved. i expect things to heat up around 2012-13

Shekhar Gupta Posted online: Saturday , Sep 19, 2009 at 0938 hrs
The sixties have been the most dangerous decade for independent India. It saw two full-scale wars (China 1962, Pakistan 1965), several large skirmishes (including Kutch, with Pakistan, 1965, Nathula, with China, 1967), the peaking of the Naga and Mizo insurgencies to such levels that air power had to be used against both, rise of Tamil separatism, and all this in a period that saw successive droughts, that saw the deaths of Nehru and Shastri and the decline of the Congress. But for most Indians of my generation, who started going to school in that decade, the memory that stays is 1962. More than a memory, it is a scar. 1965 was a much bigger war, but it was an even contest. If it left a feeling of "incompleteness", 1971 settled it.

The droughts led to the green revolution, the Congress party rose from the ruins again and grew to be more powerful than under Nehru. The two insurgencies retreated to the jungles, with populated regions of both the Naga and Mizo Hills firmly controlled by the army. But there was no real redemption for 1962. That is why that scar refuses to fade away. And that is the reason we over-react so irrationally, stupidly and ignorantly to even a rumour of another Chinese provocation.

We forget how much water has flown through the Indus, Teesta, Kameng and Lohit since 1962. And I mean not just militarily. The change in the larger political, strategic and diplomatic environment is much more significant. In the years leading up to 1962, India and China were "bhai-bhai" in a fake, hypocritical and contrived bonding of an entirely muddled and contradictory ideology.

Today we are both acknowledged as powerful and important nations and have a relationship of much greater substance and no phoney emotion and sloganeering. We do a phenomenal amount of business together, have maintained total peace on our unsettled borders and, while progress has been slow, have got some issues out of the way. Territorially, India's gain is the Chinese acceptance of Sikkim's accession. And for China, it is a very favourably substantive nuancing of India's position on the status of Tibet. True, our border talks have progressed less rapidly than we would all wish, but these things require patience.

How come then even rumours of the so-called Chinese "incursions" caused us so much consternation? Most of these, even if these happened exactly as two-and-a-half war-mongering TV channels reported, were minor and superficial and did not justify either the panic or sabre-rattling that followed. Hundreds such are reported by each side every year. If the number is larger this year, and if the Chinese are indulging in more aggressive patrolling, we need to analyse and figure out the reasons, and then look for a counter. We cannot simply start getting the old 1962 nightmares. Militarily, 2009 is a far cry for both India and China. And politically, both, particularly China, have huge risks in an armed skirmish of any size, leave aside a war.

That is why, over the past three weeks, some of our discourse has been disturbing. It is as if we are again rushing to defend Namka Chu, Tawang, Tse La, Dirang Dzong and Bomdi La, Rezang La, Daulat Beg Oldi and Chushul. I do not believe any nation in the entire world has such stark and sharp memories and reference points of a war nearly 50 years old. We Indians do, firstly because this was the only war we have lost. But secondly, also because in our collective memory and popular culture, quite remarkably, this is the only war we remind ourselves of. Lata Mangeshkar brought tears to Nehru's forlorn, defeated eyes when she sang "Ai mere watan ke logo", a heart-wrenching tribute to outnumbered, outgunned troops in 1962, abandoned by their generals who loved politics and dumped by a disastrous defence minister who thought he could win wars by filibuster. But it is still the song we hear even at our Kargil or Bangladesh war celebrations. Maybe it is because Lata Didi never thought of singing something really stirring for those victorious occasions. Or maybe, we just find the pain of defeat more enduring than the joy of victory. That is why at so many official functions, military events, on national days we still hear strains of "jab ghayal hua Himalaya, khatre mein padi azadi" (when the Himalayas were assaulted, when our freedom was in peril) in Lata's immortal voice. Popular culture only echoes our disinclination to celebrate a military victory (also evident in our failure to build even one reasonable war memorial for our soldiers). So neither 1971, nor Kargil resulted in a great war movie that we would watch again and again. So which one do we watch year after year? Chetan Anand's Haqeeqat, a wonderfully realistic tribute to a small and valiant band of men who fought to the last man in Ladakh, broadly based on the true story of a Kumaon regiment company led by Major Shaitan Singh (a posthumous Param Vir Chakra). Incidentally, most of the 109 men of that company killed at Rezang La were Ahirs from southern Haryana and a mostly decrepit and rotting memorial still exists for them in a rotting municipal park in the town of Rewari, some 70 km from Delhi, off NH8 on way to Jaipur.

It is because we are so shy of celebrating our military success and so obsessed with defeat that we jump for the trenches the moment somebody says the Chinese are coming. We are not helped by a small band of excitable journalists who love military jargon but do not want to be confused with facts. The panic-mongering over the Chinese "incursions" is a direct result of that and it is doing India enormous damage. We sound insecure, hysterical, even irrational. This is most unbecoming of a nuclear weapons power with the fourth largest armed forces in the world, and the second highest economic growth rate.

If it is any comfort, please do read up a bit (Google Nathula, 1967). This is where India and China had their last major battle. It was no minor skirmish, but a local battle lasting six full days — maybe 1967 was a year for six-day wars (the other, more one-sided, being in the Middle East)! There were massive artillery duels. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. We had nearly a hundred dead, and by all international accounts the Chinese many more. Just five years after 1962, the Indian army had reminded the world — and China — that it had left that nightmare far, far behind. But we had completely obliterated 1967 from our memories, until it rushed back in my head last week as an "in memoriam" entry appeared in our newspaper's Salute the Soldier section from 2 Grenadiers for its 32 martyrs of this battle. We must underline the fact that even in 1967 our armed forces were equal to the challenge.

It is time, therefore, that we bury defeatism. If we continue to fight the 1962 war, we can only lose again. This is 2009 and we are a resurgent, new India, managing and building a complex relationship with a near-superpower China. Both of us have stakes higher than a post here or a hill there. And none looks so crazy as to ruin a good story with rogue military adventurism. So it is time, for the sundry panic-mongers in some sections of the media and strategic community, to cool it. Or as would be said in the military jargon which they so love, to stand down.