Thursday, April 14, 2005

Swami Vivekananda's speech from 1893: audio

April 14th

forwarded by a friend.

the transcript is also available in the link, as the recording is a little noisy. but the swamiji sounds awesome! to think the phonograph was only invented in 1887 and this was recording was made only six years after that. it's amazing that the recording still exists.


Subject: UNBELIEVABLE : Original voice recording of Swami Vivekananda
fromhis famous speech in Chicago in 1893- more than 110 years ago!

Dear All:
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Swami Vivekananda's own
voice has been preserved from his renowned speech at Chicago First
World Congress of Religions in 1893 !!!

Here is his speech so nicely preserved. THis is the most inspiring
voice and discourse I have ever heard in my entire life, not
surprisingly from the greatest child India has ever produced in its
6000 years of modern existence.

The speech is in finest English. It is highly spiritual and
metaphysical. I have never heard anyone with such brilliance anywhere
in thsi world! Please listen to it in your leisure time -not when you
are hurrying in and out. It is about 30 minutes.



It takes some time to download.. I heard it, it is great, if you are
too lazy to read vivekananda's talk...Script of these lectures.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Rajeev! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

That link is dead but you can download it from

Anonymous said...

I also heard the most inpiring speech of Swamiji. It is really very very inspiring speech which shows the depth of his understanding. Prof Gupta's link is not working now, but the good things is that the link of HSS page is working. THere is a small difference between the two recordings as there are some disturbances in the later version

Anonymous said...

Its good to hear the speech. I heard there was a hoax sometime back- a cassette of Swamiji's speech was going around, and Ramakrishna mutt said it was fake! Is there any proof these recordings are original?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajeev, thanks a lot for this audio. Could you please tell how to access the transcript? Am not able to find the transcript on the link provided?

nizhal yoddha said...

i have the fear that this recording is not authentic. for one, it is too much to expect that the conference, coming just 6 years after the phonograph was invented by edison, would have bothered to record the proceedings (or been able to afford it). for another, the woman emcee sounds far too contemporary american: i wonder if this is how yankee women talked a 110 years ago, and i have my doubts; besides yankee/white women were a lot less visible in public life at that time. they were like jane austen or 'little women'. so i have my doubts about the recording.

nevertheless, that is not a problem. other religions have managed to survive on grand hoaxes (i mean, truly gigantic lies, fabrications and inventions of the first order, which they have made 'truth by repeated assertion'.) so even if this is a fake, it's all right with me.

the transcript is somewhere on that page, just keep looking. it's not the most obvious, but it's there.

Girish said...

Unfortunately, I do not think this is Swami Vivekananda's voice:
It sounds like the voice of Subir Ghosh as heard at

The complete works of Swami Vivekanada is available at


surya said...

I think you very well know that Audio Recording was not invented by then.

This is a hoax.

Randhir Saxena said...

Some transcripts available here:

Anonymous said...

Surya recording equipments were indeed invented much before the Conference. It seems very likely that they would have recorded such an important event like the World Conference on Religion.

It doesn't matter whether it is authentic or not, all it matters it that it provides an excellent opportunity for us to listen to message of Swami Vivekananda.

Incidentally his "Brothers and Sisters" speech was given on September 11th, 1893.

Muse (# 5279076) said...


You are correct. The tape is fake. When I sent the information to my friend, he enquired in the circles that can validate the authenticity of the tape. The following is what we got as reply:

Dear Udayshankar

We are 'pretty sure' that this audio clip is not of Swami Vivekananda.
is no record that his talk was recorded at the parliament of religions.
is a pity that someone thought it necessary to produce such bogus

Vivekananda Centre London

Vijayakrishnan said...
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Vijayakrishnan said...

Hi everybody...
I myself has been a little confused all these days and approached several persons in this regard, to get a clarification. No where in any book on swami vivekananda(I admit I haven't read every book that is published on swami vivekananda)it is mentioned that his voice has been recorded. I have come to the conclusion that the voice you people are talking about, unfortunately, is not that of swamiji. The voice is that of a person named Subir Ghosh. You may check it out at

B T MORADIA said...

B T MORADIA from Rajkot India,

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'What is that?' he asked.
'Une pomme,' said the French partridge.
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'Ein Apfel,' shouted the bird who represented Germany.
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'Why?' they asked, astounded.
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Moral: Eat first, and ask questions afterwards.

Venkatesh said...

great speech!!!

YamaNath said...

Greetings Gods & Goddesses...

This is not His authentic voice as it was in the name/form that we know Him to be generally...The audience clapped for quite some time and Swami Vivekananda tried to begin His speech several times unsuccessfully...

This audio recording is taken from a release that is about the Life and Works of Swami Vivekanda...It was a spoken word type of release and the speech was recreated...

This is has been done before with 'rare' pictures of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi actually being stills from the film bio-pic on His Divine life...

As tempting as an audio recording is...I feel that with an open heart and mind...proper meditation on the may here the Thunder of His Immortal Words...

Om TaT SaT

sandeeparya said...

Does it matters that tape is authentic or not?

Does the one who has created has mentioned it to be original speech?

I guess that it was in downward chain people who came across this tape started forwarding it to be as original one -- chec it out, stuff like that

What actually matters it that it is such a pleasant experience to litsen the complete writings in the audio format.

Very nice audio link. I liked that.

Apart from this also thanks to all who gave link to Mr Ghosh. He did a god job.

Ram said...

You can also visit the following youtube link to see the video of the transcript and his audio simultaneously.

Also click on "More from this user" link to hear all his speeches.

al said...

I am an ardent admirer of Swami Vivekanada. I have read his speeches with deepest zeal.
When I listened to the first word of the audio recording, it was so obvious to me that it was not his voice at all. Any fool would have guessed that! Why? It's so obvious. When Swamiji made a speech he was mere 31 years old. Very young. The voice in audio sounds much older than 31.
Also, I know fact Vivekanada voice was not deep like the one in audio. His voice sounded like music; so beautiful! --That's what the people who have actually heard him say that. Plus the Chicago address was spontaneous. The audio recording doesn't show that.
Anyway nice try. It's better to try to focus on and mimic Swami Vivekanad's addresses than to emulate dogs' barkings!
Thank you

balboa said...

how i describe malayalam translation of swami vivekanandas speech in chicago

free333 said...

Sayings of Swami Vivekananda----Audio

sudhir said...


Prof. Sudhir V.Thakur

nizhal yoddha said...

don't get excited, sudhir.

1. do not SHOUT. all CAPITALS is considered shouting

2. falsehoods about religion are not confined to india. in fact several other religions are GIGANTIC (see, i am shouting) HOAXES.

3. if you look at the comment trail, i said several years ago that i doubted this was authentic, but that it didn't matter. is the 'shroud of turin' authentic? is the 'hair of mohammed' authentic? is the 'tooth of buddha' authentic? no. it's what people choose to believe.

so do take a deep breath, relax and lower your blood pressure.

jeez! professors need to be less excitable.