Thursday, April 14, 2005

100 million phone connections in india

April 14th

india is now the 5th largest phone market in the world, after china, the us, japan and germany. and shortly will become the 3rd largest.

penetration: 9% on average; of course this is a bit misleading as many middle class individuals have phones while whole sections of the poor don't. anyway this is a significant improvement from 2% penetration only a decade ago.

the effects of competition and the free market. this is exactly what the nehruvian stalinists and marxists tried their darnedest to prevent. they need shortages and poverty to justify their existence.


Raghu said...

Is this Wireline? or Wireless.
I don't know about Wireline, but the mobile penetration is also 100 million in India..

Anonymous said...

Much of the improvement that occurred in the telecom sector, was due to some bold decisions taken by Pramod Mahajan. Though Mahajan has been much maligned by the media thereafter for his 'alleged' association with Reliance Infocom, he was to a very large extent instrumental in bringing about a mini-telecom revolution, if you will.
Though off course Rajiv Gandhi did use Sam Pitroda to lay a good foundation earlier.
It's sad that Mahajan's hard work has been over-shadowed by his own antics to an an extent & Media's prejudiced mind set against NDA.

Similary,thanks to media again, lot of people do not know that Bombay underwent a near total transformation under the rule of Shiv Sena when massive fly overs were constructed & India's first Express Highway ,Bombay-Pune,was built all under the dynamic BJP minister Nitin Gadkari. Only India Today in one of it's issues carried a story about this man.
Media has maintained only a negative picture of BJP always.
In last 6 years that Congress-NCP government has been in power in Mah., except for adding to the list of corrupt officials & ministers to the already celebrated array , the Cong government has not contributed anything positive to Maharashtra. And i do not have the statistics now, but something tells me that Maharashtra may not be the no.1 Industrial state in country any more.
The power situation is worse than anytime in history. While Bombay based newspapers continue their obsession with Modi, the mis-deeds of Deshmukh Government & it's incompetency continues unreported. Maharashtra is now on an irreversible downslide.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous poster above,
could ya pls come up with at least a name handle if you're too shy to reveal your name online? Not that it matters greatly, but would be nice to strike a conversation with a guy who has a name, you know (:-D)

- sudhir

Ravikiran said...

Can you give me a link for this? I am not doubting you, I just want to use this factoid for one of my posts.

ACD said...

Dear RaviKiran,
I could not get the India-Today issue. But check this link if it helps.

nizhal yoddha said...

it's the total for all phone connections, wireless and wireline included.

the article was in the hindu business line. i dont have the url, just do a google search.

nizhal yoddha said...

i found the url which is

Dr Abhishek Puri said...

We have a serious diconnect about numbers in Indian Telecom. I wonder at times as to how people arrive at "millions of customers" bull shit.
We need to see the telecom scenario from a closer angle minus the hoopla and minus the picture what Media paints.