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Fwd: Unjustified retaliation+Deciphering India’s China reset+Will China’s aircraft carriers project navalpower in the Indian Ocean

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1. Dancing with the Dragon – Deciphering India's China reset by Tanvi Madan 26.4.18
1a. Anatomy of a reset by Zorawar D Singh 27.4.18
2. Chabahar: Gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia by Brahma C 26.4.18
The hyperbole in India notwithstanding, Chabahar is not a strategic counterpoise to the Chinese-built and -run Gwadar port, adjacent to which Beijing is reportedly building a naval base.Afghanistan is already becoming a major beneficiary of the Chabahar-linked transport corridor.
India's biggest Chabahar-related challenge comes from US President Donald Trump's policy to squeeze Iran — a message Trump's then national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster,  brought to New Delhi. India, which paid a heavy price for complying with past US sanctions, needs to reject Trump's Iran policy with the contempt it deserves. It cannot allow the Chabahar project to be hamstrung by geopolitical factors. As the top US general in Afghanistan, John Nicholson, has acknowledged, "Iranian-Indian-Afghan cooperation over the Chabahar Port presents great economic potential" and a boon for Afghanistan.'
The US Congress has shown an alarming determination to corner Putin and his entourage, believing that across the board sanctions on Russian politicians, parliamentarians, high officials, key government entities, banks, top-level Russian businessmen and so on would put the Kremlin in an untenable situation. It has most recently announced sanctions against seven Russian oligarchs, 17 senior government officials as well as 12 companies. The inclusion of Russia's arms export agency has implications for India. 
4. A shot in the arm for Make in India Defence 27.4.18 by S N Mishra
6. Will China's aircraft carriers project navalpower in the Indian Ocean 26.4.18
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