Wednesday, September 28, 2011

autonomy (to be bought by HP for $10 billion) takes one on the chin from oracle :-)

28th sept 2011 CE

a british software company? whoever heard of such a thing? the brits make one thing well: scotch whiskey. and maybe burberry raincoats. that's pretty much it. 

very clearly leo apotheker overestimated the value of autonomy.

i do like how oracle totally pulverized this poor man from autonomy. 


Ghost Writer said...

as something of a beer fan - let me hasten to add good traditional ales to the, admittedly sparse, list of well made english products.

yes - the Belgians brew very good beer too - but the traditional English Ales and the thicker, richer porters are very nicely done. the awful english cooking perhaps explains the need for good beers. need is the mother of invention.

similarly a very large population of english males are gays (and good for them) can be explained quite easily as well - englishwomen!

san said...

I prefer cider over beer - same amount of alcohol, but you get a slightly better buzz. Can't stand the beer taste, even when it's cold.

Say, what do you all think of Amazon's latest surge into the tablet market? Could Bezos be the next Steve Jobs? He's using the same catch-phrases these days.

Inferno said...

If anyone comes close to Steve J in understanding the market, it is Bezos. A retailer dares to go where a tech giant like HP stumbled. They even developed their own browser. I wish him well.
(Android forking, may not be good news, though.)

smriti said...

The Brits do have a predilection of sorts to hype things up. I remember reading a lot about Wolfram Alpha a couple years ago and the papers here were giving it as much push as they could , of it being the next big thing after Google - not sure if they understood much of it - only because it was from an Brit. I am not sure it even created a whimper in the circles that matter.

Must be their habitual inebriation has something to do with their propensity to hype "British IT"- whatever that is !