Saturday, July 31, 2004

The full 9/11 Report

The full report is available for free at , the us govt. printing office'swebpage. it's a 4.4 meg pdf file with 587 pages. i downloaded a copy with not much trouble.

an alternate address is

factoid: number of times the word 'pakistan' is mentioned in the report body -236

however, after much cogitation, in a breathtaking example of pretzel logic, thereport arrives at the conclusion that the musharraf show must go on withunabated american support and largesse! big 'if' indeed about Musharraf's intentions, what?

Recommendation: If Musharraf stands for enlightened moderation in a fight
forhis life and for the life of his country, the United States should be willing
tomake hard choices too, and make the difficult long-term commitment to the
futureof Pakistan. Sustaining the current scale of aid to Pakistan, the United
Statesshould support Pakistan's government in its struggle against extremists
with acomprehensive effort that extends from military aid to support for
bettereducation, so long as Pakistan's leaders remain willing to make
difficultchoices of their own.

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