Thursday, August 11, 2011

Theodore Dalrymple nails the malaise behind the #ukriots. look inwards, folks.

aug 11th, 2011 CE

with apologies to pogo, "we've met the enemy, and he's us".

actually one might go even further back. the bottom-of-the-pyramid brits may have always been thuggish brutes, leading hobbesian "nasty, brutish, short" lives. it's just that in the past the authorities could ship them to india or australia or something and thus get rid of them. 

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witan said...

OT: Philippine Art Exhibit, Offensive to the country’s Christian majority, Is Closed
The New York Times [Tuesday] August 9, 2011
“Critics called it an affront to Christianity in a country whose population of 94 million is predominantly Roman Catholic. Among the works on display was a wooden cross with a protruding penis. ... ...
“In one part of the installation, a used condom was draped on a cross.”

Compare with Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust's "Sahmat" exhibition, and a certain MF's obscene splotches, both in our country.