Saturday, October 16, 2021

#china is a continent-sized #nazi #germany: excepts from my 1997 piece

i said this 25 years ago. today, we have to be afraid, very afraid. and the US is totally losing it as biden kowtows to china: the humiliating afghan withdrawal is signaling that the US will abandon taiwan as well, the atavistic Atlanticism and retreat from the indo-pacific implied by the downgrading of the Quad and the focus on AUKUS, and the climbdown over the huawei CFO hostage-taking.  

re #vikramsampath: the use and abuse of history, my 25 year old column

as vikram sampath mounts a spirited defense of the unbiased study of history, and gets pilloried and attacked for it, you might find this column of mine from 25 years ago (in two parts) worth reading. 

history is a weapon, as i said in 1997. 

the persistence of time, salvador dali. 

so obama screwed up after all? boy, that's blasphemy!

the conventional wisdom is that obama, if not quite a god, was god-like. 

i guess not. 

here are lefties saying he seriously messed up. so trump wasn't the problem, obama was? i have been saying for a long time that obama was the worst POTUS in living memory, yes, even worse than clinton, reagan and the bushes. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

looks like a good law from singapore: control lobbyists for foreign powers

india needs something like this pronto not only for FT, the economist, NYT, etc, but also for facebook, twitter and youtube. 

my views on AUKUS (written oct 4, chintan took a little time to publish it)

contrary to the spin, it shows a retreat from the indo-pacific, and a return to atavisitic atlanticism. 

shows biden and co are badly out of touch with the existential threat from china. this won't end well.

and say, what about the nuclear proliferation concerns? the US proliferating almost-weapons-grade nuclear materials and know-how to NPT fundamentalist australia is just fine? hypocrisy, esp as aus made such a song and dance about uranium supply to india. 

NYT hack exhibits present-day symptoms of 'white woman's burden'

so goddamn profound, that bit about noun vs adjective! of course, it reveals more about her and the nyt mindset than anything about india. this is like a UCB prof (goldberg?) said when barbara crossette (a clueless nyt hack in india some years ago) wrote a book about india: "if you know nothing about india, you will learn nothing from this book. if you know anything about india, you'll realize this is complete nonsense". let us also recall that a recent nyt ad for a hack in india said that qualifications for the job included hating modi and wishing to put down india. 

this is what i said about these pathetic creatures a few years ago: it's just gotten worse over time. their agenda is regime change and the return on the nehru dynasty to power. 

meanwhile, back at the ranch. this is also from the NYT.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Quick notes: Amazon campaign | Solar ambitions...

  • Reuters exposes Amazon's dirty tricks in India: A trove of internal Amazon documents reveals how the e-commerce giant ran a systematic campaign of creating knockoff goods and manipulating search results to boost its own product lines in India - practices it has denied engaging in.

    Amazon executives including Bezos have maintained it's against company policy to use data from third-party merchants to build future products. Bezos told a congressional committee in July 2020 that Amazon has a policy that safeguards seller data from employee access.

  • Did the OECD screw India? India may have to withdraw equalisation levy if global minimum tax deal comes through..

    "The devil is in the details, including a complex web of exemptions".... will India fall into this trap?

  • Solar ambitions: Ambani accelerates push into green energy.

  • Overnight fasting: Time-restricted feeding extends healthy lifespan by promoting autophagy (cellular recycling), specifically at night

  • Meat-alternatives: Plant-based seafood is taking the spotlight.. India has a lot to lose as it is the top prawn exporter to the US.

  • Vegan Meat DiY: Seitan, the wheat meat

  • Navratri Special: India imported 87,000 tonnes of ‘sendha namak’ from Pakistan... Neither healthy nor Himalayan.

  • China's EV lead: Volvo parent Geely reveals $9,000 EV, bullish on battery swapping. . . . . . Japanese inertia gives China an opening.

  • Japan needs drone technology to counter China: Chinese drone company DJI controls around 70% of the commercial drone market. And Beijing promotes its Military-Civil Fusion strategy

  • Practice what you preach:

  • Transitory support:

  • Eroding middle class: America's top 1% now hold more wealth than all of the middle class

  • Gen Z's battle with social media addiction:

china already defeated the US in AI, says ex pentagon software chief. could be a problem for us too

Theranos scam too, for your listening pleasure

Podcast on the Enron scam from WSJ. When will virus scam come out?

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Quick notes: Chip dreams | Anti-viral...

  • India’s Chip Dreams Aren’t Crazy, They’re Just Misguided: While Taiwan is eager to build closer ties with New Delhi, facilitating India's chip fantasy is not high on its priority list given India's lack of expertise in the field. Today, India has a large talent pool of chip designers, but the roster of process engineers is much shorter and certainly not long enough to run a Taiwanese front-end chip factory.

    Keen to get their name in a press release alongside blue-ribbon names, generations of Indian leaders seem to have forgotten a far more suitable match: chip packaging and testing.

  • Anti viral game changer: An oral medication with this type of effectiveness could bring the pandemic to a functional close, turning COVID-19 from a life-threatening experience to a passing respiratory illness that can can be treated at home more often than not.

    Indian companies looking to price the drug at ₹880-1,000 for a full course.

    Like the vast majority of medicines on the market, molnupiravir was developed using govt funds.

  • Instagram harms teens: Celebrity Instagram posts detrimental to the self-image of young girls.. 13% of British teenage users and 6% of American teenage users studied traced suicidal thoughts to Instagram.

    Indians had a glimpse of life without WhatsApp.

    Fraud on advertisers: Facebook misled investors about shrinking user base, ex-employee alleges.

  • New technologies can make underwater vessels “visible”: China has already developed submarine-spotting lasers. CSIRO is working with a Chinese marine science institute that has separately developed satellite technology that can find submarines at depths of up to 500 metres.

  • End of the road for Panjshiris? “What the Taliban have now is unstinting support from the Chinese, fairly unstinting support from the Russians – and of course they have unstinting support from the Pakistanis. They also have in their possession all the war matériel that the Americans could not destroy, and that was substantial. So the Taliban are in possession of one of the world’s largest fleets of Black Hawk helicopters. The Taliban are not terribly technologically sophisticated but their handlers in [Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency] the ISI are. They also have Chinese drones and they’re getting assistance in operating them from the ISI.”

    “This Taliban is a lot better armed, they are much more capable, they are much more lethal, they have better international ties than the Taliban before 9/11, and in contrast the Panjshiris have less support. Essentially the resistance in Panjshir has failed and they’ve retreated to Tajikistan. And I don’t see a way in which they’ll be able to retake that territory.”

  • The Gift: The legend of Shohei Ohtani.

  • Child abuse in Church: French Catholic Church inquiry finds 216,000 paedophilia cases since 1950

  • How to divide Hindus: The Samuel Reddy playbook.

  • Hasdeo Arand forest: Once designated as off-limits to mining, the Hasdeo Arand forest’s status has been steadily undermined by complex legal and administrative manoeuvers by successive governments handing out major contracts.