Sunday, February 18, 2024

Quick notes: Capitulation on LAC | Thorium hope...

  • ‘Abject capitulation’ by Indian govt: Military veterans fear that the creation of non-militarised “buffer zones" inside the India-claimed lines at multiple transgression points in eastern Ladakh may help the Chinese Army to force India to agree to its reinterpretation of the LAC.

  • Pradip Shivaji Mohite: The Class 9 Dropout Who Is Building Helicopters

  • Thorium hope: New Fuel Powers Up India's Green Nuclear Future

  • Phone Addicts: Indians spend more time on their smartphones daily than the rest of the world. More than 881 million Indians are 'always on' -- those who can't do without their phones.

  • Tower proposes $8B Indian wafer fab: Israeli foundry Tower Semiconductor has submitted a proposal to the Indian government to build a 65/40nm wafer fab in India at a cost of US$8 billion

  • A Curious Business Model: India will pay 70% of cost but Micron will own 100% of plant.. Micron will hold 100% ownership of a plant that costs $2.75 billion after having invested only $0.825 billion!

    If chip-making is India’s goal, the Micron deal won’t deliver it. What we are getting—assembling and testing chips made elsewhere—is the lowest end of the chip-making technology. We are not competing with the US, China, South Korea, or Japan on chip-making but with, for example, Malaysia, which is already streets ahead of us in this sector

  • Germany’s Days as an Industrial Superpower Are Coming to an End: China is becoming a bigger rival and is no longer an insatiable buyer of German goods. The US is drifting away from Europe and is seeking to compete with its transatlantic allies for climate investment. The final blow for some heavy manufacturers was the end of huge volumes of cheap Russian natural gas.

  • Most charitable person: Jamsetji Tata, the founder of Tata Group, has been recognized as the most charitable person of the past century, having donated a staggering Rs 829,734 crore. This surpasses contributions from other global philanthropists, including Bill Gates, who secured the second position.

  • Stay in touch with the earth: How walking barefoot improves your health. For spiritual seekers, the time around new moon is particularly significant to stay in touch with the earth.

  • How China Miscalculated Its Way to a Baby Bust: China’s baby bust is happening faster than many expected, raising fears of a demographic collapse. And coping with the fallout may now be complicated by miscalculations made more than 40 years ago. A Moscow-trained missile scientist led the push for China’s policy, based on tables of calculations that applied mathematical models used to calculate rocket trajectories to population growth.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The Return of Sri Rama to Ayodhya, Hindu Holocausts and real secularism

Quick notes: Red sea hero | Know your customer...

  • Indian Navy Flexes Its Muscles In Red Sea: India is deploying a growing number of warships to counter rebel attacks on commercial ships plying around the Middle East, while steering clear of joining the official U.S.-led force in the Red Sea, as it looks to protect its ties with Iran.

  • BJP rule under NaMo a dark age for the ASI: Archaeologist KK Muhammed: "The ASI has become a dead organisation and 10 years of BJP rule is a dark age of the organisation. I had undertaken the renovation of 80 temples that were destroyed in the earthquake in the Chambal area. We expected they (BJP) would be in the forefront of the renovation efforts. But not a single temple has been renovated in the last nine years".

  • Know Your Customer: Chinese companies to be stopped from using American clouds for AI training

  • Chinese guy compares China and India: I'm Chinese, I've worked in India for a while, I've been to some of the cities and villages in India. Personally, I think the gap between India and China will only get bigger, not smaller, in the next 10 to 20 years.

    Foreign investment in India is aimed at capturing the domestic demand of India. Foreign investment in China, the purpose is not only to occupy the Chinese market, but to meet the needs of the world!

    Second, India may miss out on a fourth industrial revolution Many people call breakthroughs in high-speed communications, new energy, new materials, life sciences, artificial intelligence and other fields the fourth industrial revolution. But Indians are still keen on IT and have invested little in the fourth industrial revolution.

    Third, India's environmental crisis. As a Chinese, I have witnessed the destruction of China's environment by industrialization. It is easy to destroy the environment, but difficult to repair it. Today, the annual investment in environmental protection in China far exceeds the sum of education and military expenditure. But it will take generations to repair the environment, and some will never be. Unfortunately, I saw similar environmental damage in India, which has a higher population density and a lower environmental carrying capacity than China. India must solve its environmental problems, which may cause social instability and unrest.

    Fourth, India's education crisis. In particular, inequality in education. Personally, 20% of people in India get a good education, but the quality and environment of education for the other 80% is really bad. Inequality in education leads to inequality in life development.

  • Undergrad textbooks in 12 Indian languages soon: The 12 Indian languages for which EoI has been invited are Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. NEP recommends teaching of Indian languages with English and other foreign languages. It envisages the promotion of Indian languages through regular use, preparation of pedagogical materials and training of teachers.

  • When in Karnataka, learn to speak Kannada: Learning Kannada was a struggle, but inspired by my senior, I, as a non-Kannadiga then, decided to go to the hilt to learn the language. The ideal way to learn to speak a new language is to speak with the locals — shopkeepers, vendors, helpers and even strangers with whom you can strike up small conversations. Let them know you are learning Kannada, and making an effort at it. You will instantly get support. I am now fairly fluent and continuing to improve day after day…and loving it!

  • Aanandaa Farms: Using permaculture to convert degraded land into a beautiful food forest.

  • A jobs crisis in India is driving workers to Israel: Government data shows a declining trend in joblessness. This is due to the inclusion of unpaid work as jobs in government data. "It's not that jobs are not happening. It's just that organised jobs are barely growing and at the same time, the number of young people looking for jobs is increasing".

  • White man drooling: How Guyana's big oil boom turned it into the world's fastest-growing economy

Friday, December 29, 2023

India’s Strong Message to Washington via Moscow

If the US is willing to jeopardize its relationship with India over Pannu and over Trudeau's immature theatrics, then it's really not a relationship that India should pursue over all others. It's okay to be friendly to the extent the US is reciprocative, but that's it. America's own actions have demonstrated that this not a partnership. India should not overvalue the relationship when Washington undervalues it.

Sunday, December 24, 2023

South Carolina Moment: Is Vivek Ramaswamy Why US Establishment Has Suddenly Turned Hostile to India?

In the South Carolina debates for the Republican primary of the 2016 US presidential race, Trump famously responded to jabs from NeoCon opponent Jeb Bush, by blasting his brother George W Bush for having wrecked the country with the ill-conceived and ill-managed invasion of Iraq. This stirred a hornet's nest among the NeoCons, who had been counting on riding Jeb's coattails back to power in the Whitehouse, having pumped billions into his presidential campaign for this purpose.

In a possible repeat of history, in the latest Republican primary debate, upstart challenger Vivek Ramaswamy similarly blasted NeoCon opponent Nikki Haley of South Carolina as "Dick Cheney in heels", calling her a corrupt Bush-Cheney warmonger and servant of the military-industrial complex. This looks to have again stirred a hornet's nest among the NeoCons, who've been backing Nikki 's run for the Whitehouse, hoping to ride her coattails back into power, and use her as a vehicle for a new war against Iran.

The sudden unexpected outbreak of war between Israel vs Hamas & Hezbollah, has produced sudden shifts in the dynamics of the US presidential race. Suddenly multiple large billionaire donors are switching away from backing Ron DeSantis (who'd been the 2nd-highest polling candidate and rival to Trump), to instead backing Nikki Haley. This is happening because the wealthy elites in America are now suddenly feeling a strong imperative for war on Iran, and NeoCon Nikki is seen as the best route to making this happen. (As we know, Iran is the main source of funding/support for both Hamas and Hezbollah.) Even Zelensky, the previous darling of US establishment for carrying out their war on Russia, is now being told to bide his time and perhaps even seek talks with Putin. American warmongers are now quietly running away from war with Russia, and towards their newer preferred war with Iran -- much as they'd quickly ran away from Afghanistan so that they could quickly start their newer preferred war on Russia.

What does this have to do with India? "Oppo Research" (aka. dirt-digging) done by the contestants in this current US presidential race has unearthed instances of Vivek Ramaswamy praising Modi, and has been used to claim Vivek is "right-wing Modi hindutva fascist". (Note that in contrast to Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy does not attempt to hide his Indian roots and faith) Therefore any opportunity to vilify Modi can be used as an attack vector against troublemaker Vivek Ramaswamy. Showing India's ruling govt as a rogue regime engaged in assassinations and other nasty stuff is then useful and timely. In a similar vein, Lefty bastion BBC deliberately ran their hit-piece against Modi ("The Modi Question") because they were hoping to use it to cast aspersions against the non-Lefty brown guy who'd just moved into 10 Downing Street.

The prime concern of America's warmongering elites right now is to get their war-horse Nikki into the Whitehouse, so that they can get their war on Iran. Joe Biden's Dhritarashtra presidency has now run its course, having served its purpose in bringing war against Russia. He'll be discarded in due course, with a seamless switchover to NeoCon Nikki as the next president from the Republican side - just like surefootedly shifting from one foot to the other.

Their main obstacle has been Donald Trump, who of course has been bogged down with every kind of legal case being filed against him. But Vivek Ramaswamy has increasingly emerged as a new thorn in the side, with his spirited defense of Trump, and his recent raining of fire on NeoCon Nikki, the preferred new war-horse candidate of the war lobby.

Skeptics will claim "But we India! We so big! We so impressive! No foreigners will mess with us just because of their own silly election politics! Don't be ridiculous paranoid!" The fact is that foreigners are not as in awe of India as we imagine them to be. Even lightweight Trudeau in lightweight Canada is easily willing to sacrifice relations with us for the sake of domestic political fortunes. In the case of US politics, their big money lobbies are very powerful and are playing for very high stakes. They strongly intend to get their war on Iran, and anyone even vaguely seen as standing in their way will be swept aside, howsoever crudely and regardless of the collateral damage to others. 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Quick notes: Nvidia | Resistant starch...

  • "Nvidia armed China single handedly": "If you think about Chinese AI capabilities, Nvidia gave them extraordinary amounts of Nvidia GPUs. There's no other way to look at it. It was legal, but that doesn't mean it doesn't carry a moral responsibility."

  • Microsoft wants to be less dependent on Nvidia: Microsoft unveils its first custom-designed AI, cloud chips. . . . . Why no chips from India, the "design powerhouse"? Waiting for domestic 28nm fabs to come online? By then, leading-edge tech will go past 2nm.

  • China’s 7nm Breakthrough: How Far Can China Push its Technology?

  • Game-changer, as long as we limit this to STEM: Keep woke poison out.

  • Pasta and Rice May Be Healthier as Leftovers: Cooking and cooling causes the food’s starch molecules to become “resistant,” meaning its sugar molecules aren’t as easily broken apart and absorbed into your bloodstream as they normally would be. Because resistant starches aren’t easily digested, they don’t spike your blood sugar as much as regular starch does. Instead, it continues on in your intestines, where it can feed the good microbes in your gut.

  • Eye drops recalled by Indian maker: Tainted eyedrops came from a company in Navi Mumbai called Kilitch Healthcare India Ltd.

  • Traffic Acquisition Costs: Alphabet pays Apple 36% of Safari search revenue, Sundar Pichai confirms. Google spent nearly $49 billion in Traffic Acquisition Costs in 2022. Google’s TAC costs include all of Google’s payments to companies like Apple and Samsung to place its search engine in front of users.

  • SriLanka redux: Nepal Is Investigating New Airport Made by China. Nepal’s $216 million international airport in Pokhara, the country’s second-biggest city, opened in January. The airport has failed to attract any regular international flights, raising concerns about whether it will generate enough revenue to repay loans to its Chinese lenders. Nepali officials have asked Beijing to change the loans into a grant to ease the financial burden, but China has not agreed to do so.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Quick notes: Minorities first | Colombo port...

Sunday, November 05, 2023

US Meddling in Bangladesh Elections


While India is promoting multi-polarity in the world order, we can see US is responding by promoting multi-polarity in SouthAsia, as a counter-reaction. US is now suddenly sharply trying to meddle in Bangladesh internal politics/elections in order to get rid of Sheikh Hasina / Awami League, who are seen as too close to India. US would like to have Khaleda Zia / BNP in power in Bangladesh, because this will result in more Indo-Bangladesh frictions, which US can exploit. Khaleda Zia / BNP would work closely with China to destabilize India's Northeast, which US could again exploit to gain more leverage with India. The Americans feel that we're behaving too cockily because we have it too good, and want to see us cut down to size.