Thursday, November 18, 2010

stratfor on communist terrorist - ISI/LeT nexus. common factor: susan arundhati roy?

nov 18th, 2010

stratfor is being coy in not acknowledging the chinese imprints all over nepal and the arms flow to communist terrorist, not to mention the strong pakistani connection in the same.

and the good susan arundhati roy (famous as genocide suzie on twitter: she applauds genocides of particular people, for instance kashmiri pundits) was photographed hob-nobbing with hamid gul, the godfather of the ISI. we all know of her breaking bread with communist terrorists, of course.

and as for her tender sentiments about the rights of tribals, they would carry a lot more weight if only she didn't encroach on tribal land. but then, that's standard kerala christist activity -- almost all tribal land in the western ghats has been stolen by them -- so she's just doing what all her relatives do, can't really blame her, can we?

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Rider I said...

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Rider I