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Iraq: The Hidden Human Costs (December 20, 2007)

dec 8th, 2007

absolutely horrendous. basically when white people were killed on 9/11 by mohammedans, yanks decided to kill off 100,000 totally innocent bystander civilian mohammedan arabs. hence the brutal assault on iraq, with the oil being gravy.

when 59 hindus were butchered by mohammedans at godhra (or, as the atlanticist says, "the train caught fire in a mohammedan neighborhood"), it is not ok for hindus to retaliate.

yea, it is written that only white people can kill mohammedans. their godmen wrote so in a book, and the book being the idol, it must be true.

actually, the ELM and the mohammedans were quite surprised that mohammedans too could die in riots. this is the reason the gujarat riots were so shocking to them. normally the ELM and mohammedans expect that the result of riots is that armed mohammedans kill hindus. remember that there were 254 hindus killed and 40,000 of them were in refugee camps, as the mohammedans were rioting quite heavily in gujarat too.

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How good Christians from god's own country wage war (especially against wogs) and then preach about Christian love Hindu, caste discrimination, etc., etc. Narendra Modi, by comparison, sounds like a wimp, apparently justifying the elimination of a hardened criminal, possibly a murderer. Please read and circulate.

The New York Review of Books
December 20, 2007

Iraq: The Hidden Human Costs
By Michael Massing

In House to House: An Epic Memoir of War, Staff Sergeant David

Bellavia--a gung-ho supporter of the Iraq war--casually recounts how

in 2004, while his platoon was on just its second patrol in Iraq,


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nizhal yoddha said...

really impressive work by the Religion of Luuuuuuv. little girl with her eyes open and her skull neatly sliced and her brains falling out. another little girl in a pretty blue dress with her legs blown off.

nice work, christists! yeah, that'll teach all those mohammedans, yessireebob!

how come no godman has called for an end to hostilities and offered his good offices to settle the fight between abraham's children? hey, ratzy, where are you? when you finish apologizing to mohammedans about the crusades, maybe you can start apologizing for the iraq war and the 100,000 arab civilians killed.

although semites killing each other is probably part of yhwh's plan of action, to reduce the overcrowding of the planet. yhwh, the environmentalist, when he's not being bloodthirsty and vengeful. yeah, right.