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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick notes: Secularistan in Karnataka, RoP perverts...

  • No funds for govt schools, but..: Karnataka govt allocates Rs 47 crore to give honorariums to chief imams and muezzins (who call people for prayer).

  • Vibgyor school rape: The CCTV camera footage showed Mustafa dragging the six-year-old student into a room on July 3 afternoon. The camera footage also showed the girl crying. A Bihar native, Mustafa's laptop had videos of schoolchildren being raped. According to the police, a school in Whitefield had terminated Mustafa’s services after his alleged involvement in a sexual assault case. But the matter was not reported to the police.

  • Frazer Town Rape: Nasir, 28, the main accused in the case, had sexually assaulted at least 20 other women in the past. He is believed to have shot videos of the incidents and had blackmailed the victims into silence. "None of them have come forward to report the incidents," the officer said. Police have arrested three others who were involved in the 'Frazer Town horror' incident - Mohammed Hafeez (32), Mohammed Ishaq Sawood (32) and Shoaib Shiek Mohammed (27).

  • RoP:

  • Indian superman lifts a motorcycle up a ladder on his head: Not sure if we can be proud of this, though.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pope Claims Child Porn Was 'Normal'

The Pope has again offended sexual abuse victims with remarks that child porn only became socially taboo after the 1970s. I just don't understand what point Pedo-Pope hopes to make by these blatherings, other than to hint to us at the reasons for his own lack of a marital partner. At this rate, the Vatican will have to open a mission in Afghanistan, for procurement purposes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hillary Visits India

Here's a pathetic but unsurprising anecdote from Hillary's visit to India:
Inevitably, some of these encounters are more successful than others. In the category of less successful was a panel discussion on Saturday afternoon on education at a Jesuit college, at which Mrs. Clinton appeared with Aamir Khan, a prominent Indian film star who advocates for better teaching.

While Mrs. Clinton offered an earnest discussion of teaching standards in Arkansas, Mr. Khan appeared to condone dropping out of school to pursue entertainment careers.
Yet again, Amir Khan shows that he's pretty brainless in all ways. That's what to expect from morons born with silver spoons in their mouths. I think it's good for such moments to be captured on camera, and then played back endlessly to remind everyone what fools like him are all about.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

SlumDaddy Wants to be a Millionaire

The father of Rubina Ali has been caught on film by a British newspaper, trying to sell his daughter. Obviously he couldn't sell his testicles, since he has none.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


A book about the Prophet Mohammed's child-wife Aisha is to be blocked from publication, on the grounds that there is a danger of violence. So extremism works as a way to suppress free speech.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Catholic nun gets just 1 year jail time for sexually abusing boys

Like I was saying, it is not merely the Christist "Fathers" who are given to perversion. The "Holy Sisters" can match any diabolical thing that the padres can conjure up. In this case, the Ghoul of Milwaukee got off lightly - a mere 1 year of jail time for paedophilia? That is way too lenient. Why isn't Ratzy ordering an exorcism or inquisition in this case?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christist padre abusing children in L.A, Church does nothing

Yet another Catholic paedophile padre, this time in Los Angeles sexually abusing 4 siblings - 3 girls and a boy, taking advantage of a dead father and an impoverished mother. The "Holy Church" apparently was aware of the perverted "father's" evil doings for many years and took absolutely no action, didn't even lift their little fingers in the defense of exploited children.

So much for christist "compassion" and "morals" (sic).....
And these are the same fellows who want to "reach out" and "spread the love" among us "heathen" Hindus loudly proclaiming their false concern for "exploited" and "disenfranchised" peoples.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Presswallahs pay children to pose as child labourers

More proof on how low the Indian ELM has sunk.

Our intrepid Sahara and NDTV reporters set out of home with their jholas and cameras with an altogether honourable intention: demonising India and berate her appalling record on human rights, child rights, whatever.

Unable to find suitable evidence, they, it seems, decided to manufacture it
SHAHPUR (VAISHALI), DECEMBER 11: A day after TV channels showed two boys pulling the plough oxen-like on the family farm of Union Rural Development Minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, one of them has claimed that they were paid Rs 20 each to pose for the camera. His mother too repeated the claim, saying her son had handed her the money and told her about the incident.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CA textbooks lawsuit: Appeal for funds

aug 28th, 2007

NOTE: This post has been deliberately post-dated, and will remain on top of the blog for a few days. i am doing this so that people will pay attention to it and it won't disappear down the stack. thanks!


please donate generously. i have sent them a check for what i could afford.

this group has done great work in exposing witzel and the white guys masquerading as 'dalits' as charlatans, and their approach which is direct and related to the fundamental rights of citizens -- yes, even hindu citizens have rights, amazing as that concept might be -- is likely to pay dividends. please support them as much as you can.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arvind Kumar

Dear Friend,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your support last year. The lawsuit is progressing well through the discovery process. The long and tiring discovery is nearing its end. CAPEEM has found incriminating evidence of active collaboration between various parties to discriminate against Hindu Americans and Americans of Indian origin through sixth grade history and Social Studies textbooks. The lawsuit exposes the workings of California Department of Education, State Board of Education, Michael Witzel, James Heitzman and Stanley Wolpert, and Christian Mission Organizations, Dalit Solidarity Network and Dalit Freedom Forum, masquerading as Dalit organizations.

In the next phase, at the end of discovery, CAPEEM will depose the CDE officials, SBE members, and their experts. The process is very involved in this stage. Our funds are at a low.

We look forward to your generous support this year again.

Please make your contribution today; your support is very important.

Send your check payable to CAPEEM to: PO Box 280442 Northridge, CA 91328.

Or Donate online: visit our website and follow donate link

Tax-Id 56-2565521.
CAPEEM is a tax exempt non profit organization.
For questions please write to or call (646) 594-4397

Thanks and Regards,

Arvind Kumar
California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials (CAPEEM)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

NGO's - Child Labor Scheme?
According to Sandhya Jain (refer article below), the NGO in question was ostensibly linked to that super patriot Sandeep Pandey
There is no question of what ought to be done here
1- Bring the NGO's under the Right to Information Act
2- Have disclosure and accounting norms for all NGO's registered to operate in the land
3- Conduct social audits and have a NGO rating system - like the Moody's or S&P Credit Rating system

Of course - if you do this - the toadies will cry about the 'food being snatched from the hungry mouth' - about the 'high cost of disclosure reporting'. Also look forward to wailing and breast-beating by Atlanticists such as the NYT and the Economist; as if having paedophiles is a better deal.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

indian kids more malnourished than those in sub-saharan africa

feb 22nd, 2007

this is probably true, and it shows the callous attitude of the 'aam-aadmi'-friendly kaangress and the 'saviors of the poor' marxists. they have been in power in the whole country for more than 50 years, and in west bengal and kerala for much of the last 50 years. what did they do for the poor? absolute squat.

this is an indictment of the poor-unfriendly policies of the kaangress that have been designed merely to fill the pockets of the 'dear leaders' and their friends.

on the other hand, there are some questions about these numbers. on the one hand, what does 'malnourished' mean? it may be that the calorie intake number of indians is not the same as for the rest of the world. for instance, take the body mass index (bmi). a bmi of 20-23 is considered normal among white people. but it turns out that indians with 20-23 bmi may in fact be too high for indians, as many indians with bmi in that range have diabetes, high cholesterol etc. thus, the criteria for asians may not be same as those for whites.

similarly, there is great irony in white people talking about indian calorie intake. let me remind people of the 'temple rations' given by the brits to indians during the great famines of the late 1800s. an able-bodied worker was given 1600 calories, and he was expected to work all day. this, by the way, is lower than the starvation calories given to prisoners in buchenwald!

here's an excerpt from an old column of mine:

Here is a damning table from Late Victorian Holocausts (Mike Davis, Verso, pp 33). Look at the state-sanctioned ration for the famine-ridden Madras Presidency in 1877, under the leadership of the aforementioned Temple. Less than half the approved caloric intake for a modern Indian. Less than the caloric intake at the most notorious concentration camp run by the Nazis.

Caloric Value Activity Level
Basal metabolism 1,500 No activity
Ration in Madras, 1877 1,627 Heavy labour
Buchenwald ration, 1944 1,750 Heavy labour
7-year-old child, approved diet, 1981 2,050 Normal activity
Minimum war ration, Japan, 1945 2,165 Moderate activity
Indian adult, subsistence, 1985 2,400 Moderate activity
Ration in Bengal, 1874 2,500 Heavy labour
Survey of Bengali labourers, 1862 2,790 Heavy labour
Indian male, approved diet, 1981 3,900 Heavy labour
Voit-Atwater standard, 1895 4,200 Heavy labour